Health Benefits of Avocados

Don’t let the high-fat content in avocados fool you. These are the good guys that aid in keeping your heart healthy and warding off other diseases.




Monounsaturated fats, the majority of the whopping 30 grams of fat per avocado, actually balance cholesterol levels by adding more of the good fats (HDL) and reducing the bad fats (LDL) in the blood. Read on for more surprising facts about avocados.

Inside the Avocado 

Avocados have lots of vitamins B5, B6, folate, dietary fiber, protein and healthy fats. The fruit also contains moderate amounts of certain vitamins (B2, B3 and C) and potassium and trace amounts of vitamin B1, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc.

Why Avocados?  

Rough, Dry Skin Treatment – Avocados can be used as part of your daily beauty treatments to smooth and moisturize your skin by simply combining the pulp with milk and rubbing it on your face or other area of skin prone to dryness and rough texture. Rinse after 10 or 15 minutes.

Cancer Defense – The incredible amount of fiber (10 grams) in one avocado keeps your colon clean and clear and flushes out toxins, which cuts down your colon cancer risk tremendously. The antioxidant-rich fruit also sends free radicals and cancer cells packing.

Also present in the fight against cancer is a healthy dose of vitamin C, beta-sitosterol and folate. All of these elements together are effective defenders against all types of cancer, including colon, breast, lung, oral, cervical and stomach cancers.

Heart Disease Blocker – Again, the high-fiber content in just one avocado lowers your risk for developing heart disease, by warding off high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Also key in reducing high blood pressure, one avocado has a staggering 1,200 mg of potassium, which is over 2 ½ times the amount found in a banana (the fruit people normally believe has the most potassium).

The magnesium in avocados promotes the free flow of blood throughout your arteries, which helps the heart function more efficiently. Other vitamins and nutrients play a part as well – namely vitamin C and folate. Folate, which is more abundant in this fruit than any other, protects your arteries and thus protects your heart.

Stroke Annihilator – Potassium, fiber and magnesium also lower one’s risk for stroke. In fact, lots of potassium – and we know avocados have tons – has been found to lower risks by almost 40%, while fiber and magnesium were found to lower risks by about 30%.

Diabetes Buffer – Consuming lots of fiber has the ability to lower blood sugar and insulin levels, which can eventually eliminate diabetic symptoms or prevent you from getting diabetes in the first place. Avocados are so effective against diabetes that the American Diabetes Association even recognizes them as a valuable part of your diet and an inhibitor of the disease.

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