Health Benefits of Beans

Simple, natural foods like beans have been all but forgotten, and their health benefits overlooked, but getting back to natural foods may be what it takes to rid the world of the invasion of so many diseases. Beans are especially effective at keeping your heart healthy.



Food has gotten so fancy nowadays. The labels boast terms like “low fat,” “cholesterol-free,” and “all natural,” while the ingredients list displays a stream of additives and non-food items that were never intended for the body. Choosing earth-grown foods over processed foods is a no-brainer.

Beans In a Nutshell 

Beans are sometimes regarded as “the poor man’s meat,” because they are very inexpensive, are rarely a delicacy or food choice among the rich, and they are high in protein. Beans also tend to cause quite a bit of gas, which further runs people away from the idea of eating them. The gas issue can be easily dealt with by changing the water during boiling; adding the gas remover, Beano, to the mixture; and by just eating beans in moderation.

So there’s no sense in letting that issue alone keep you from reaping all of beans’ health benefits. Beans are very low in fat and calories, high in fiber, and quite filling in small amounts, and these legumes also help with a variety of health conditions that you should find quite eye-opening.

Cancer – Beans contain substances called lignans and phytochemicals that are proven cancer fighters. Experts believe phytochemicals are key ingredients that will aid in the future prevention of many types of cancer.

Heart Disease – The high fiber content in beans keeps your cholesterol levels and fat consumption down, as well as keeps you full longer. Less fat and cholesterol and the reduced appetite that this causes has a ripple effect that keeps your heart strong and disease-free, not to mention reduces your waistline.

Erectile Dysfunction – The protein L-arginine in beans works to increase blood flow to the penis, which aids in penile erection. A significant amount of beans, however, is usually necessary daily to get this effect initially, but it may work quicker and with fewer amounts of beans for some people.

Hemorrhoids/Constipation/Bowel Problems – The high fiber in beans serves another purpose – helping to create smoother bowel movements, so you can avoid painful conditions like constipation and hemorrhoids. Where water is an internal liquid cleanser that flushes out toxins and waste, fiber is an internal solid cleanser that does the same.

Fiber helps to break down food particles and sweep them out through the digestive system. Constipation and its companion hemorrhoids, as a result of compact, dry and hard stools, will become a thing of the past.

Pay attention to the “old school,” natural foods like beans that your grandparents used to eat, and you’ll begin to see why they often lived longer and healthier lives.

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