Health Benefits of Walnuts

Walnuts are one of the most commercially distributed and most commonly eaten nuts in the world, which is a great thing considering how much good they can do for the body.




Walnuts fight cancer and heart disease and stimulate the brain so that it functions better. Read on for more interesting details about this nut.

Inside the Walnut

Walnuts are a source of healthy fats that the body needs, though these fats (mostly polyunsaturated and some monounsaturated) account for more than half the nut’s content. In addition, walnuts provide a good deal of protein, calcium and carbohydrates, as well as fiber, iron, zinc, vitamin B6, vitamin E, ellagin acid and alpha-lineolic acid.

What’s So Great About Walnuts?

Cancer Crusher – The ellagic acid flavonoid in walnuts targets malignant tumors and stops them in their tracks, while the antioxidant power of vitamin E in walnuts provides additional protection as it scouts out and kills free radicals that could cause more cancers. Walnuts are particularly effective against skin cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, prostate and esophageal cancer.

Heart Disease Halter – Walnuts contain alpha-lineolic acid which stops blood from clinging to your artery walls and forming dangerous blood clots. Walnuts can greatly reduce the amount of bad, or LDL, cholesterol in the blood. Ironically, the good fats in walnuts are largely responsible for curbing cholesterol levels. Walnuts contain mostly polyunsaturated fat and some monounsaturated fat, which balance out fat content and keeps bad fats to a minimum.

As a result, cholesterol is more regulated and the heart functions better. Blockages in the arteries can lead to high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, and eventually death. If you regularly eat walnuts, you cut your heart disease risk by up to 50 percent.

Brain Booster – Omega-3 fatty acids in walnuts are like brain food. Omega-3s improve memory, general brain function and stimulate the “feel-good” hormones in the brain so that even your mood is improved. Omega-3s are also sources of good fats that contribute to regulated cholesterol levels and clear thinking. Walnuts even resemble what a brain looks like when their shell is cracked, so maybe that can serve as a visual to help you remember that walnuts are good for the brain.

Walnut Warnings

Walnuts may cause allergic reactions in some people, ranging from breathing difficulty to stomach and skin irritations. They may also impede your weight loss goals, since walnuts – though good for you – are high in fat, regardless of the fact that they are the good kinds of fats. Lastly, you will need to consume more vitamin C when you eat walnuts regularly since they tend of block your body’s ability to absorb iron.

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