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We all know that garlic is good for keeping away vampires. The plentiful vampire-themed movies that have been doing the rounds of late seem to have reminded us of that. However, did you know that garlic could be even better for you than you first thought; especially when you look at the many ways garlic can be used to heal the body. We thought we should definitely investigate a little further.

Not just packed with flavor, it would seem that the average garlic plant is packed with medicinal properties as well. It’s a good job that this plant can be grown easily all around the world really, isn’t it? According to the Ancient Egyptians, the guys building the pyramids ate garlic to keep their strength up and have high energy levels. The Greek doctor, Hippocrates also regularly reported to using garlic to cure various ailments, including sea sickness. These days the scientific experiments are a little more technical and in depth but still they seem to show similar results.

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If you have high cholesterol levels or suffer with high blood pressure, you should be eating more garlic. There is a very high concentration of sulfur in garlic and it is said to be this that can help to improve heart health. Even if you aren’t a fan of eating garlic on a regular basis, you may want to consider taking garlic supplements to keep your heart healthy.

Not just for cholesterol and blood pressure, garlic has been shown to have an increasing list of benefits for the heart. Increased garlic in the diet has been shown to have a good effect on your chances of getting heart disease or having a stroke.

Garlic also helps to boost the immune system so if you are finding that you are picking up every nasty bug in town, it might be worth cooking up a garlic-filled lasagna with a nice helping of juicy garlic bread on the side. You’ll stink as you sweat it out but your immune system will love you for it.

Another positive that garlic has been shown to have on the body is to boost the state of the respiratory system. This is going to be a massive helper during cold and flu season, that’s for sure!

Another great way that garlic can be helping your body is for women that regularly suffer with yeast infections. A common old wives tale, but one that many people seem to back up, is using a raw clove of garlic, wrapped up in gauze, placed in the vagina to help sort out the yeast levels. Of course, you could just take the conventional route and eat more garlic or take a supplement – both of which have been shown to help.

Eating more garlic isn’t difficult and you can throw it in pretty much any meal. You could even just increase the amount you use in foods like Italian pastas and pizzas, and add it more often to salads and other vegetables. One easy way to use more garlic is to lightly boil fresh vegetables and then bake them or lightly toss/fry them in olive oil, sea salt and a couple of crushed cloves of garlic. This will make a great additional tasty treat for many foods including steak, salmon and much more.

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