Super Foods – Super Powers?

Have you heard of a super food? Well, after we thoroughly investigated and were amazed by what the beautifully green spinach could give us, we decided that it was time to delve a little further – we needed to look a little closer at these so-called super foods.

The Brilliant Bean

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The baked bean is technically a super food. Now if only it didn’t give us such unfavorably flatulence! It is a food that is a carb that is LOW in the GI index, (for those of you on the GI diet) and when you add that to the fact that this contains some pretty impressive minerals and vitamins, you are on to a winner. There’s calcium, protein, iron, fiber, and the carbohydrates we spoke of.

If you have the beans in the usual tomato based sauce, you have so many more brilliant bean benefits to come. The sauce will contain a powerful antioxidant that can help to prevent prostate cancer and heart diseases. The fiber contained within the mix will also ensure that your digestive system gets a boost of health too. It’s an insoluble fiber so rather than being digested in the stomach acid, it will continue its journey right through to the large intestine and colon, working its short-chain fatty acid production like a true professional. Again, the fatty acids that are produced here have their fair share of benefits too – these help to fight off any cancer causing invaders!

The Amazing Apple

Did you know that around the world, over seven thousand and five hundred different types of apples are grown? These are some healthy super foods too – they contain plenty of antioxidants which can help to fight the hard, upward battle against cancer. The boost of vitamin C that this fruit will give you will go a long way to ensuring that your gums are nicely and healthy which in turn will ensure that your teeth are nice and healthy and on top of that, your skin will have a much needed boost of a little special something which give you a beautiful complexion and a pretty impressive natural glow. Seriously – eat apples for a few weeks and see the effect it’ll have on your skin!

Just like the brilliant bean, the amazing apple has a low GI index score and contains a form of fiber different to the brilliant bean that this time is a soluble fiber. Lycopene is produced with this soluble fiber and this is a powerful force against cancer.

Diabetics can use apples to have a positive effect on their blood sugar levels. They have also been shown to have a direct link with impressive weight loss and… drum roll please… this fruit can help you to feel fuller for longer so you won’t want to eat as much. Now that is pretty amazing!

The Tantalizing Tea

The Brits love a good cup of tea and they might just be on to a good thing, you know! The caffeine in it helps to motivate and improve the mood, and when taken in moderation, could be a good thing to turn to with conditions such as depression and anxiety. When you combine that with the fact that the water content will help to go towards your recommended water intake per day, you are effectively killing two birds with one stone, so to speak. No birds were harmed in the making of this article.

It doesn’t matter what kind of tea you go for, whether it is red, black, green or yellow with purple polka dots, you can help your body to avoid blood clots and to prevent the arteries from becoming clogged and causing you to suffer with heart diseases. The best news yet – all it takes is just one cup of tantalizing tea per day to give yourself added protection. Time to pop the kettle on we think

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