Tasty Tomatoes – The Top 10 Health Benefits

Most of us eat tomatoes on a daily basis without even realizing it. They form the sauce that goes around our baked beans, the topping for many a delicious pizza, provides the sauce for plenty of pasta dishes, and also makes the perfect addition for any salad and garnish for a brilliant burger. One of the main benefits of this fruit (Yes, that’s right – it’s a fruit and not a vegetable) is the fact that it’s so universal. This is closely followed by the fact that it tastes delicious. Now it’s time to take a look at the real serious stuff – the incredible health benefits of the tasty tomato.


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Take Care of Your Face

1. Want better skin? Tomatoes can help with that! If you just peel the tomato, rub it around the areas of your face that you hate – the bits with blackheads, for example, and wash off thoroughly and you will find that your skin is not only cleansed, but the natural radiance of the skin will be restored as well as the reduction of spots.

Good for The Hair

2. There is plenty of vitamin A in the tomato which makes it particularly good for the hair. If you want shiny and strong hair, eat more tomatoes or look for shampoo recipes online that contain this fabulous fruit.

Prevent Vitamin A Related Disease

3. Remember that vitamin A that we mentioned, well that can have a great effect on your vision as well as your skin and your hair. If you want to avoid things like night blindness and degenerative conditions that are associated with age, definitely increase your tomato intake!

Make The Bones Stronger

4. Tomatoes contain vitamin K which is great if you want stronger bones.

Reduce Extra Wight

5. There are lots of antioxidants in tomatoes which is great for many things. Just one of these things is the fact that it can detox your body. If you want a good kick start to losing weight, detoxing using tomatoes is a great idea and can make a great difference.

Remedy of Infection

6. If you regularly suffer from infections, you should eat more tomatoes in your diet because it can help as a natural kind of antiseptic, and this can help if you regularly get all the bugs that are going around town.

Tomatoes for Being Healthy

7. If you are young and like to party then you should eat more tomatoes for the sheer fact that it can help to protect your liver. We are not saying that you should binge drink and then eat a bunch of tomatoes to make your insides better, we are just saying that if you are going to do it, you may as well try to be healthy (ish) at the same time. The sulfur and chlorine in the tomato well help your liver to be healthy. It’s worth a shot, right?

Prevent Smoking-Related Cancer

8. If you are a smoker or even an ex-smoker, you can help to fight back against the negative effects of tobacco with the coumaric acid and chlorogenic acid that will help to fight against the carcinogens that smoking increase the body. In turn, this can help to fight against smoking-related cancers too.

It Reduces The Risk of Cancer

9. Speaking of cancer, the tomato can help to reduce your chances of getting it. With plenty of lycopene, studies have shown that there has been a proven link between this compound and cancer cells. With increase lycopenes comes reduced cancer risks – you can’t argue with that!

Keep Your Heart Healthy

10. Your heart will be healthier when you eat more tomatoes because of the vast amount of nutrients and good stuff it helps to bring to the table. 21 percent of people in one study, for example, showed a reduction of high cholesterol based problems with an increase of tomato plants in their diet. Another study showed a direct result between an increase in tomatoes and a reduction in blood pressure, and all the good antioxidants generally keep things ticking over as they should be. You can’t really argue with that, either!

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