Top 10 Foods for Staying Healthy (Part One)

Everyone knows that you need a healthy and balanced diet and plenty of exercise in order stay fit and healthy – that goes without saying really. What if life could be made a little easier from time to time? Although we shouldn’t we all stray away from the healthy lifestyle we are supposed to lead every now and again. When was the last time you had a glass of wine or a quick dinner from a fast food joint? What about the last time you had second helpings of dinner of a really luxurious calorific desert at a nice restaurant? See – we all stray..

Life can be easier if you are eating the right foods. We all are known to burn the candle at both ends sometimes, with a healthy social life and even more packed professional one. It is okay to cheat every now and again.

There are ten top “super foods” that you should be eating if you want to “cheat” on the healthy life style from time to time. Let’s have a closer look:

nutrients that the body needs

1. Brazil nuts – to be fair, most nuts are packed with nutrients that the body needs but Brazil nuts contain a truck-load! Lots of fiber ensures that your digestive system is working as it should be, minerals, and essential vitamins.

That’s before you even look at the added boost of selenium that has been shown to help in the fight against things like Alzheimer’s, depression and even cancer. All you need to do is munch on these four times a week to get the best benefits – just a handful is enough. Why not replace your mid-afternoon chocolate bar with a handful of Brazil nuts, or even mixed nuts?

bananas were thought to make you fat

2. Bananas – once upon a time, bananas were thought to make you fat but in fact, the opposite is true. As long as you exercise regularly, the carbohydrates that are present in the yellow fruit will refuel your body and most of the calories will be burned off in this way. You’ve also got a bunch of anti-oxidants in there to help fight against cancer, potassium, which can help to keep your blood pressure down. Oh and if you want really nice, clear skin and glossy, shiny hair, you are definitely going to want to take advantage of the vitamin B6 that’s in the banana!

bananas were thought to make you fat

3. Yoghurt – of course, in the yoghurt you will get your calcium fix to make sure that your teeth and bones are healthy; you can also use it as a pretty good milk substitute for those that have problems with digesting lactose. The main benefit of increasing the yoghurts in your life will be a much healthier digestive system. This delicious, creamy food has been linked to soothing upset stomachs for many years now. You also have the friendly bacteria which can help to keep things nice and healthy, especially for women in their “downstairs” area!

everyone loves a good cup of tea

4.Tea – everyone loves a good cup of tea and now you can enjoy it a little bit more with the knowledge that the beverage is now classed as a super food! Your mood and energy levels will be boosted with the caffeine fix that you get from the tea and on top of that, the water actually goes towards your recommended amount daily. It has also been shown that you can reduce your risks of getting heart disease when you drink tea, and blood clots can be prevented too!

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If you’ve loved how easy these four super foods are to put in your life, you will love what is coming next and you can find it in Top 10 Foods to Staying Healthy Part Two!

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