Top 10 Foods for Staying Healthy (Part Two)

We already broached on a few of the top “super foods” that you should be eating more of if you want to cheat on the healthy lifestyle every now and again and now we are going to finish the list. You will be amazed to know that many of these foods you actually consume on a regular basis, and how easy it would be to incorporate them more into your life!

fish is good for you

5. Salmon – Everyone knows that fish is good for you. It’s got all that Omega-3 fatty acid-stuff in there, and we keep seeing on the TV and in the magazines and newspapers that we need that to be healthy. What about all the other benefits that fish, especially salmon, can have on the body? For example, those Omega-3 fatty acids can reduce inflammation in the body and can help to avoid blood clots. Heart attack risks are reduced and on top of this, the chances of you getting depression are reduced when you eat more salmon. Why not eat just one more portion of salmon this week? IT could do more good than you ever believed!

eat bread every day

6. Seeded wholegrain bread – We all eat bread every day. It’s in our sandwiches, in our toast for breakfast; we eat with butter with our suppers at night… Bread is pretty universal, right? Well if you eat more bread that contains seeds and “bits”, you are making them staple in your fridge an even tastier option.

Low in GI index, packed with fiber to keep the gut healthy, helps to prevent heart disease, and can help with controlling your weight. There tends to be a lot of salt in bread these days but you will find that many of the big bread brands will have special low-salt, healthier varieties. Why not switch things up as far as your bread choices are concerned?

Olive oil

7. Olive oil – There have been plenty of studies which have shown a positive link between good heart health and olive oil. The monosaturated fats that are within the olive oil have been said to keep the bad cholesterol away, and the good levels are massively increased. Also, the antioxidants that are in there help to keep cancer at bay, and although olive oil is fairly calorific, when used properly, it can be very good for your heart!


8. Broccoli – Did you know that only two florets of broccoli make up your one portion of the vegetable? That’s it! Just two florets and that’s one of your five a day done. It really could be that simple! Whether it’s lightly cooked or eaten raw, the goodness to come from broccoli is plentiful.

Heart disease risks are reduced with the heart-healthy folic acid, also good if you want to get pregnant or are currently pregnant. Also, there are plenty of antioxidants hidden in there to avoid all sorts of cancers and in particular, lutein, which can massively reduce the chances of you suffering with age-related macular degeneration!

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Baked beans

9. Baked beans – We’ve spoken about the goodness you can get from baked beans before and in all honesty, we are probably never going to stop banging on about beans. With lots of nutrients, it would be the perfect addition to your Number 6 – seeded wholegrain bread with beans on toast!


10.Apples – An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Apparently this statement is now very true! With lots of vitamin C to keep your skin and gums healthy, fiber to keep your gut nice and working properly, and even a low GI index score – the age of the apple is now! Why not chop one up to have in your salad or eat it as a mid-morning snack. It also counts towards your five a day!

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