Why Rice is Good For You

Rice isn’t just a staple in Asian culture or just a bulky side dish that goes with virtually any meal. It weighs in as a real heavy hitter against some of the biggest and baddest diseases.



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Rice is the main course for half the population of the world. Maybe they know something we don’t.

Health Benefits 

Brown rice is the rice to go for, because so-called enriched white rice has been processed and stripped of the bran, fiber and nutrients that nature intended. Wild rice is a byproduct of oats, so it’s not actually rice. When rice is mentioned in this article, brown rice is what’s being referred to.

Brown rice is a defender against several major diseases including the following:

Diabetes – Rice contains a lot of fiber, which your body needs to keep blood sugar levels in balance. This is what diabetics struggle with. Everything diabetics eat has to be monitored for sugar content to make sure they’re not taking in too much at one time, and the tricky thing is that most foods today contain some form of sugar.

So how do you keep blood sugar levels in the normal range? Well, fiber is a great start. Fiber not only fills you up and makes you less likely to crave or eat other sugary foods or food in general, but fiber also helps you to eliminate food and toxins from the body with smoother bowel movements.

Heart Disease – Brown rice is a whole grain food, and whole grains have proven ability to lower your risks of developing heart disease. Unlike the processed, refined rice you typically find in the grocery store, whole grain brown rice has bran, fiber and the B vitamin thiamine, an important nutrient that can keep you from contracting beriberi. Beriberi can cause damage to the nerves and heart or even lead to death. The fiber content in brown rice is also a heart protector.

Stroke – Did you know that just a cup of steamed brown rice per day could cut your risks of having a stroke by an incredible 40 percent? The secret is in the fact that whole grains and fiber keep arteries clear of cholesterol and plaque buildup which can cut off oxygen and blood supply to the brain, heart and other organs.

When there is insufficient oxygenated blood to the brain, strokes occur and the damages are usually lasting. Be proactive and load up your defenses against this ailment which can be easily avoided.

Kidney Stones – The bran found in brown rice helps to break down calcium deposits that sometimes form in the blood when too much calcium is absorbed by the body. This excess calcium is what causes painful kidney stones, and brown rice could be a fairly simple solution to the problem.

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