6 Reasons To Drink Coffee

Most people drink coffee to help them wake up in the morning, but in doing so they are also getting a slew of potent health benefits at the same time.


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As if getting you through the morning commute to work wasn’t enough, it has now been shown that a cup of java can fight off dozens of diseases both physical and psychological. Long time coffee drinkers had suspected as much for quite some time but never had concrete evidence. Now, modern science has proven that drinking coffee regularly can have the following benefits for your general well-being.

1 Fights Depression

No, not the depression of going through your morning routine feeling sluggish and unfocused. Rather, it turns out that drinking caffeinated coffee on a regular basis can decrease your risk of developing depression by as much as 25%. Even more interesting, the more coffee you drink, the lower your risk of depression becomes.

2 Weight Loss

For one, caffeine is a stimulant, and stimulants are extremely effective appetite suppressants. More importantly, however, coffee actually slows down the speed at which your body processes your food whilst simultaneously increasing your metabolism. This makes a cup of coffee after a meal an extremely potent weapon in the weight loss battle.

3 Enhances Male Fertility

This is perhaps one of the most unexpected benefits of coffee. Even a single cup a day has been proven to have significant effects on sperm motility, or the ability of the sperm to move towards the egg. If you’re trying to conceive, have the male kick up a java habit. It’ll boost your chances tremendously.

4 Helps Fight Skin Cancer

A recent medical study found that women who consumed three cups of a coffee a day had a 20% lower risk for basal cell carcinoma, and males experienced a 10% reduced risk. Coffee did not seem to have any effect on melanoma or squamous cell carcinoma, the two deadliest forms of skin cancer, meaning that you should nonetheless wear sunscreen whenever possible.

5 Quick Withdrawal

This one is a bit more like a “silver lining” scenario; coffee is not nearly as addictive as you may think. For starters, it takes approximately 4-6 cups of coffee a day to develop any sort of mild psychological or physical addiction. Even if this happens, you will be fine after a day or two even if you drop the habit cold turkey. Ideally, however, you should wean yourself off whenever possible.

6 It Helps you Stay Alert

Perhaps you already know this, but it can hardly be overemphasized. In dozens of studies, individuals who have recently consumed coffee have been shown to be significantly more alert, focused, and even mentally agile than individuals who have not.

Coffee has been the number one ally of many an individual working a late night or early deadline. It has helped countless people operate on minimal sleep or rest (something that should nonetheless be avoided at all costs) and perhaps even more get through a mid-afternoon slump at the office. Few substances can produce such results with such minimal side effects.

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