Healthy Finger Foods for a Nutritious Diet

As if planning a party isn’t difficult enough on its own, attempting to cater towards a health-conscious crowd is a veritable nightmare. The most common finger foods (think pigs in a blanket and quiche) are calorie bombs that practically anyone attempting to live a healthy lifestyle will shun like a contagious disease.

Healthy Fruits & Vegetables


The trick with healthy finger foods is abandoning your pre-conceived notions of what finger foods are altogether. By definition, almost nothing can be fried. Many of the tried and true options are no longer viable.

So how do you craft a wonderful assortment of healthy finger foods then? Simply derive your inspiration from nature itself. Before humans learned to work a deep fryer or drench everything in processed cheese, the original finger foods were fruits, nuts, and vegetables.

While these are hardly the only healthy options available, they are a good starting point. Using the following ingredients, you should be able to concoct some fairly simple recipes that will delight even the most health-conscious of your friends.

Healthy Finger Foods: Fruit and Vegetables

Do you remember the giant platter of vegetables that is inevitably served at every party? It’s actually a fantastic idea, even for those watching what they eat. The only questionable thing on the entire tray is usually the ever-present ranch in the middle. Replace it with a low-fat or “Light” substitute, and keep the vegetables. Broccoli, carrots, peppers, and cauliflower are all fantastic finger foods that are both great tasting and quite nutritious.

Apple slices, oranges, and even slightly more exotic fruit such as pears and apricots can all be served in small portions perfect for a party. Watermelons, strawberries, honeydews, and even grapefruit are also healthy and delicious.

In fact, you would be hard pressed to find a fruit or vegetable that is considered “unhealthy”. There is no limit to what you can do with these ingredients. Just try to keep them as pure and un-adultered as possible. When you add high calorie dips and spreads, they may quickly become unhealthy.

Healthy Finger Foods: Nuts and Seeds

Pumpkin seeds, pistachios, peanuts, and almonds can all be scooped by the handful and are all quite tasty. Avoid the over-salted and roasted kinds if possible. Shelled peanuts and pistachios will also provide an activity for your guests. Just be sure to give them a place to dispose of the shells.

Other Finger Foods

There are many pre-manufactured, low calorie versions of popular finger foods. Low-fat mini-quiche is quite common these days, and they can be oven baked for simplicity. Even pigs in a blanket come in all-beef, low calorie forms. While these items may not necessarily have the vitamins of fruit or the mineral content of nuts and seeds, they can offer a familiar version of a common comfort food.

You can always make your own “Finger Foods”. Find whole-wheat or multigrain crackers, a low-calorie or healthy spread, and some toppings and voila! You’ve suddenly invented your own nutritious and food. As long as you only use healthy ingredients, your final product will inevitably too be healthy. There are many great healthy finger foods you can make at home.

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