Healthy Substitutions for Dairy Products and White Bread: Low-Fat And Whole Grain Foods

What if someone told you that you could live a significantly healthier lifestyle by making a small number of adjustments or substitutions to things you eat on a daily basis? This is actually more than possible! It is easy, simple, and chances are you won’t even notice a difference after a few days.

Many of the things we eat or drink are merely habitual. Some provide minimal taste or effect, yet they still add needless calories. Others are fatty ingredients used in a dish that would not be altered if lower fat substitutes were added.




The trick to eating healthy without sacrificing enjoyment is extracting maximum flavor from the healthy ingredients. Below are some simple ways to do just that.


No matter what you consume on a daily basis, chances are you stay hydrated somehow. Many people start their day with coffee or juice, and then they move on to soda, water, or tea. Of the things that people drink regularly, soda is perhaps the worst culprit.

Packing as much as sixty grams of sugar in a single serving, it is both unhealthy and inefficient at hydrating you. Even diet sodas, which boast zero calories, have been shown to lead to hunger and extra caloric intake at subsequent meals.

Coffee, especially when put through a paper filter, is actually considered healthy. Tea is another excellent choice, but some pre-made versions can pack as much sugar as a soda. The best drink of all is ultimately water. It gives your body exactly what it needs without slowing it down with unnecessary sugar or carbonation.

Healthy Substitutions For Dairy Products

If you consume dairy products, the best substitution you can make is the move to lower-fat versions. If you drink whole milk, drink 2%. If you drink 2%, switch to 1%. You will hardly be able to tell the difference, and you will be avoiding a huge amount of saturated fat. When cooking, use low fat cheese in dishes such as lasagna. The change in nutritional content will be drastic, but the change in taste is nonexistent.

Abandon white bread and simple grain products for whole grains. This change may actually be rather dramatic for some people, but if you can sustain it, you will be rewarded tremendously. There is no comparison in nutritional value between white bread and whole grains. One is the equivalent of a packet of sugar, while the other is a leafy green vegetable. When eating rice, try brown rice. You may actually find it to be tastier than its white cousin.

When cooking burgers or purchasing ground turkey, try finding those that are lower in fat. The difference in taste will be minimal, but you may actually be avoiding as much as 70% of the fat content. Even the way you cook meat can have a drastic impact. Try avoiding frying oils or using a device such as the George Foreman grill (or broiling) in order to strip your meat of its saturated fat.


The degree to which you make these changes is ultimately up to you. Some are far more drastic than others, but what may seem like a dozen minor changes can add up to a life-altering difference in you and your family’s health.

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