Is Quinoa alkaline or acidic?

It is extremely important to keep your pH levels at a good level. If you are only eating acidic foods, you can develop cancer, candida and various other illnesses. So, is Qinoa alkaline or acidic?



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According to, Quinoa is an alkaline food. However, this site focuses a lot on Quinoa and might not be very objective. Other websites suggest that Quinoa is an acidic food and list it as an ACIDIFYING GRAINS, GRAIN PRODUCT.

After further research, we found various websites that suggest that Qinoa is a LOW alkaline food and compare them with Amaranth, Millet, Wild Rice.

In general cereals are rather acidic and not alkaline, but Quinoa is probably the healthiest choice. If you really have to eat cereals in the morning, then go with Quinoa. I personally stopped eating any cereals. Instead I combine my breakfast with tomatoes and apples, which are alkaline foods.

According to the Quinoa has a rather low GI rating of 35, which means blood sugar will not spike. Another reason to eat Quinoa instead of other cereals.

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