List Of Food Additives to Avoid in Your Diet

As scary as it may sound, science is quickly outpacing regulations. What this means for your diet is that any number of recently discovered food additives may have been snuck past the FDA or simply not researched properly.

These ingredients, which can be used because they are cheap, tasty, or simply have a longer shelf life than their predecessors, may actually lead to ill health effects. Listed below are some additives that have just now been found to be harmful.



List Of Food Additives To Avoid

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is an amino acid that is commonly used as a flavor enhancer. Certain individuals may have a particular sensitivity to the ingredient, but it has been linked to harmful effects in the general population too. These effects include disorientation, depression, fatigue, eye damage, obesity and headaches.

It has also been shown to disengage the part of the brain that signals that you are full, leading to excessive calorie consumption. This ingredient is commonly found in Chinese food, seasonings, soup products, frozen foods, lunch meats, and many snacks.

Trans-fats are perhaps among the most harmful products you could possibly consume. They are synthetically created fats that are used to extend the shelf life of products. Trans-fats are most commonly found in fried foods, fast foods, and snack foods. Consumption of trans-fats has been linked to heart disease, obesity, and stroke. Many countries are now swiftly moving to outlaw their use entirely.

Food dyes have been linked to a variety of ill health effects for decades. Many of these claims have been disproved, while others are far more troubling.

Currently, Blue #1 and Blue #2 are banned in several European countries because they may cause chromosomal damage. It is most commonly found in sports drinks, candy and cereal. Red #3 and Red #40 have been linked to thyroid cancer, chromosomal damage, and neurological problems. They are found in maraschino cherries, bakery products, and more. Yellow #6 may cause kidney tumors, and it can be found in lemonade and cheese products.

Sodium Sulfite is a common preservative that may cause breathing problems in certain individuals (estimated at 1 in 100). It can be found in wines and a variety of other foods. Generally, this ingredient should only be avoided if you are asthmatic or have other breathing problems.

Sodium Nitrite and Sodium Nitrate are preservatives that are actually more commonly used as “color fixers”. They tend to turn “less than fresh” meat a bright red color, thus making it appear fresh and attractive. Unfortunately, they also seem to cause a variety of ill health effects once they enter the human body. Chances are if you eat preserved meat or deli products, you won’t be able to avoid them. They are found in practically every variety of processed meat and even some fish.

While these are all ingredients that should be avoided, research is still being performed on them. Some may be on the list because of temporary hysteria, whilst others may actually pose bigger risks than originally thought. As always, be cautious, and try to understand what you are eating before you actually consume it. That is the only way to truly eat healthy.

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