List of healthy meals

This is a list of healthy meals. If you want to have a healthy lifestyle that will help you avoid possible diseases, the first thing that you should do is to have 3 meals each day. I’m sure that you already know that the most important meals that someone can have are breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s recommended to have all these 3 important meals if you want to have a healthy lifestyle or if you want to lose weight.



Healthy eating habits

Many people want to eat healthy meals, because they realized that in this way they can maintain their health in great condition. Healthy meals should be included by all of us in our daily menu, because they ensure us have the vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that we need for our organisms to function properly.
The list of healthy meals is large, so I will present you only some ideas that you can use in order to protect your health against several diseases.

Raw Foods

The first thing that you will have to take in consideration is to have foods that are in their natural state. That’s why salads are recommended by many specialists. They are made of fresh vegetables. So, any fruit or vegetable that you eat after you pick it up from the ground or from a tree, is the best meal that you can have. Not to say that it is also the healthiest one.

What foods you can include in your meals? Well, let’s start with spinach. This vegetable is full of vitamins and minerals that will protect your organism from heart disease. You can eat it in salads, sandwiches or you can cook it. You should also take in consideration the fact that spinach can be your major help in a diet. Another healthy meal is represented by wild salmon. This product is rich in fatty acids, more exactly in Omega 3.

Omega 3 offers us all the conditions to maintain our hearts healthy and it help us to avoid many others health problems. It’s better to choose wild salmon, because the farmed one can have chemicals. Don’t forget about skim or milk! Those two provide an important quantity of vitamin D and calcium that our body needs daily. It’s recommended to choose 1% milk if you are following a diet and if you want to lose weight.

High Fiber Foods

There are also many types of whole grains that will offer your organism an important quantity of fiber. Just make sure that you choose “whole” ones. It’s recommended to try brown rice and whole oats.
When it comes about oils, you should know that not all types of oils are doing harm to your health. You should purchase olive oil or soybean oil if you don’t want to have problems with your cholesterol level. If you consume the recommended quantity of fats that you need each day, you will start to have more and more energy and you will not get fat.

Be sure that when you choose the components of your meals, you choose aliments from all categories. Don’t forget about proteins. Healthy proteins can be found in chicken meat or in different types of fish and it’s recommended to consume them at lunch.

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List of healthy foods

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