List of High Calorie Foods to Replace With Healthy Substitutes

If you are trying to lose weight or simply have a healthy lifestyle, chances are high calorie foods aren’t doing you any favors. High calorie foods, or more specifically high calorie foods with minimal or disproportionately low nutritional value, come in all sorts of forms and almost invariably have healthier substitutes.



Healthy Substitutes will not only help you cut hundreds of calories out of your daily diet, but also eliminate a good portion of your daily intake of saturated fats, sugars, and other harmful substances. Even better, chances are you will hardly notice the difference.

This is because many of these substances are used in ways (such as baking, frying, or mixed in with other ingredients) that their own flavor profiles are indiscernible.

High Calorie Foods That You Have To Replace

The foods you are looking to replace are high in fat or sugar and have few redeeming nutritional qualities. Perhaps the most obvious example is butter. Butter is most often used when cooking or baking and is extremely high in saturated fats. There are dozens of butter substitutes currently on the market that replace the saturated fat content with Omega-3’s or simply unsaturated fats.

When used to cook with, it would take an individual with perhaps the most discerning taste buds in the world to tell the difference. Some people, however, may not be able to get over not using real butter on their toast. If nothing else, at least replace it when it is a secondary ingredient.

Milk is another ingredient that is often used for cooking. Unlike butter, however, it is regularly consumed on its own. Because of this, a substitution in milk type may be a drastic change for some individuals. You will find, however, that drinking 2% instead of Whole or 1% instead of 2% is an easy adjustment to make after a few days of acclimating to the change. In the process, you will be cutting your fat intake significantly.

Sodas are not necessarily considered high calorie foods, but given their immense sugar content, they are as large a menace as a tub full of butter. A single can of soda has as much as 50g of sugar. That represents a tremendous sugar spike that will effectively tell your body to store fat immediately.

On top of this, such tremendous sugar consumption increases your chances of developing diseases such as Diabetes significantly. Drink water, green tea, or even diet soda instead. The change in your health will be astronomical.

Avoid fatty cuts of red meat. There is no need to give up steak altogether, but every time you replace red meat with fish or poultry, you are saving yourself almost a day’s worth of saturated fat intake.

The key here is balance. Even eating too much lean fish can be unhealthy. Try limiting red meat intake to no more than two times a week. If that is difficult, replace beef with leaner meats such as Venison or Buffalo. Both are delicious and significantly lower in calories than their bovine counterparts.

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