What are the Best Natural Sources of Arginine?

Arginine is one of the most common naturally occurring amino acids. While it can be manufactured by the human body, the body does not make the full amount that it needs for health and wellness. For this reason, it’s important to consume Arginine from natural sources on a regular basis, from a variety of natural sources.


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You can add Arginine to your diet by regularly consuming the following foods:


Perhaps Popeye had it right; adding spinach to your diet does, indeed, do great things for your body. Consider tossing your daily salad with spinach instead of iceberg lettuce to pump up the nutritional value. Or add several cups of spinach to your morning smoothie for a green, Arginine infused treat. When you chop spinach finely in the blender or food processor, you’ll barely notice the taste when you add it to soups, stir fries, or smoothies.


Lentils are a quick cooking alternative to beans, and pack quite the nutritional punch. They don’t require pre-soaking like dried beans do, and cook up in about twenty minutes. You can then add curry or another sauce of your choice and serve them warm, or chill them for an alternative to carbohydrate heavy potato and pasta salads. These versatile legumes do not have a strong, heavy flavor of their own, which makes them an excellent base for a wide variety of dishes.


Nuts are, simply put, one of nature’s perfect snacks. They’re convenient, easy to transport, and provide a salty, crunchy pick-me-up with a myriad of health benefits. In addition, they’re one of the best natural sources of arginine available on the market today. If you’re struggling to lose weight, you should limit your nut consumption, as they also contain quite a bit of natural fat. If you’re a frequent snacker, however, you may want to consider nuts as an alternative to potato chips, pretzels, and other processed snack foods.

Whole Grains

Whole wheat products like breads, pastas, and cereals are another of the best natural sources of arginine. If you’re supplementing your normal diet with whole grains to increase nutrient consumption, be sure to choose products that contain whole grains, like wheat, instead of processed, bleached grains. In general, the whiter and more processed a bread or cereal product is, the less healthy it is. Opt for products with whole grains as the first several ingredients listed, and pass on bleached products, added sugars, and preservatives when possible.

Red Meat

While red meat is more expensive than whole grain bread or lentils, it’s one of the best natural sources of arginine you can consume. So if you’re trying to increase daily nutrient consumption, a juicy steak or delicious beef roast may be just what the figurative doctor ordered. For best nutrient values with lowered fat content, consider purchasing grass-fed beef instead of traditional corn fed beef. The meat has less fat per ounce, making it better for heart and an excellent addition to your weight loss efforts.

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