Easy-Peasy Super Food Recipes

You may have noticed that we are all about the super-food’s recently. To be honest, we have been talking about them a lot but there is a good reason for that. It’s spring now so a whole bunch of new fresh fruits and vegetables are coming into season and with the warmer weather comes a different set of cravings. No longer are we desperately hoping to go home to a nice hot slow-cooked stew. We want salads and fresher, more flavorsome meals. It’s BBQ season and time for a new way of thinking.

Salmon is great to cook on the BBQ and when done properly, can be the yummiest meal you will ever come home to. A salmon steak wrapped in foil with olive oil, lemon juice, a touch of salt and pepper and a couple of cloves of chopped up garlic would be the perfect addition to a spinach salad.

Throw in a few slices of seeded wholegrain bread with low-fat spread on the side and you have pretty much the perfect meal, going by the top ten super foods that we discussed in “Top 10 Foods for Staying Healthy”. It’s easy, simple and takes very little time to prepare. What’s not to love?! You could even do a vegetable side dish and whack the broccoli in there as well.

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It’s not just Popeye that loves spinach. When it’s cooked the right way, you can love it too and when you look at the nutrient content of this food, you will kick yourself for not eating more of it sooner!

Why not try making you and your loved one poached eggs Florentine this weekend and give you both a healthy, tasty treat as breakfast in bed? It takes just 25 minutes to make and you will need the follow ingredients:

  • 65g margarine (sunflower)
  • 30f flour (plain)
  • 300ml milk (semi-skimmed)
  • 1kg spinach (fresh and washed)
  • Drizzle of white wine vinegar
  • 8 fresh eggs (preferably free-range)
  • 50g grated cheese (preferably Gruyere)

The recipe is actually very simple – you melt just over half of the margarine in a pan and then add the flour, stirring and cooking for around one minute, give or take. Take it away from the flame and throw the milk in, still stirring as you do so and let it simmer for just a couple of minutes. You need to wilt the spinach in a large pan, draining it of the water once it has nicely wilted down.

This is when you throw the remainder of the margarine, salt and pepper and cook for a minute. You poach the eggs, chuck the spinach in the bottom of a dish and top with the poached egg and cheese. When you serve this with the seeded wholegrain toast that we keep talking about, you have another perfect recipe for success!

You will find that many of the healthy super foods that we are talking about can easily be added to any other meal. How hard is it to open a can of baked beans and add it to a selection of other foods? You can have bread and butter with pretty much anything, and rather than relying on the frozen vegetables in a bag that you always pull from the freezer, try replacing it with broccoli and spinach from time to time? It takes just a moment or two more out of your day and you could be so much healthier because of it!

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