Some Of The Best Foods To Eat / Food Substitutions

Eating well is far simpler than you think. In fact, just adding some variety and depth to your diet can help you lose weight and manage your health almost instantly.




In an era where most people get their required nutrients from ultra-expensive nutritional supplements, pills, and powders, the health value of normal foods is often forgotten. This is quite an unfortunate occurrence simply because, while modern science has enabled us to get an amazing amount of nutritional value from a capsule, the health effects of whole, fresh foods are often forgotten or neglected. If you are trying to eat healthier, the following foods are a great place to start.

Cold Water Fish

In an age where most Americans’ diets consist of red meat, saturated fat laden dairy products and simple carbohydrates, fish seem like a nutritional godsend. Not only are fish extremely low in fat (especially saturated fat), they are also quite high in protein and various nutrients. Cold water fish in particular are full of Omega-3 fatty acids, which help you do everything from maintain healthy skin to function well neurologically. Salmon, tuna, and herring are all great substitutes for beef or pork. Shellfish are also an excellent source of lean protein and are generally high in nutrients such as Zinc.

Whole Grains

It is hardly a new theory that the modern food pyramid is horribly inaccurate at worst, or quite misleading at best. A diet of pure carbohydrates is relatively new in the process of human evolution, considering that we mainly subsisted off meat and foraged foods for thousands of years. This is made even worse because most individuals interpret the suggestion that “grains” should make up the majority of their caloric intake to mean that they can consume pounds of white flour products a day.

In reality, the food pyramid suggests “whole grains” rather than white flour. Simply replacing your white bread with whole grain bread can lead to a tremendous change in your diet instantaneously (for the better). Going further and actively consuming whole grains regularly can save you hundreds of calories and help you stay healthy in a variety of ways. The fiber will aid your digestive system and ensure that you feel full for much longer whilst the nutrients will help your body function properly.

Dairy Products

In a controlled study, researchers found that people who consumed a diet high in low fat, calcium rich dairy products lost 20% more weight than individuals whose diet lacked such foods. It is widely believed that this occurs because protein and calcium rich meals actually speed up the calorie burning processes of your body resulting in an easy formula for weight loss.

Lucky for you, dairy products are already quite prevalent in the average American diet, the only problem is that most such foods are loaded with saturated fat. Instead of drinking whole milk, focus on consuming skim or 1% milk on a regular basis. Eat low fat or fat free yogurt as a snack in place of chips, and include reduced fat cheeses in your meals whenever possible. Not only will you ensure that you have healthy bones, but you may lose a few pounds in the process.

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