Unhealthy Foods to Avoid

What if you were told that by jettisoning just a few simple items from your diet, you could potentially save yourself hundreds of calories a day? What if, even better, someone informed you that you would hardly notice these changes as they are likely on the periphery of your eating regimen rather than actual entrees?

Fortunately, there are at least a half dozen such foods that may seem innocent at first glance, but are actually directly contributing to America’s weight problems. Eliminating the following items from your diet will pay you back in spades. You’ll soon find that you feel better, lose weight at a more rapid rate, and are living a significantly healthier lifestyle in general.



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Stick Margarine

Initially introduced as an easy and healthier replacement for butter, margarine is now considered a significantly worse option. Technically, any butter alternative is margarine (and there are many, most in tubs, that are actually good choices), but stick margarine in particular is usually absolutely loaded with Trans-fats.

Trans-fats clog arteries, contribute to cholesterol problems, and double your risk of morbidity or mortality. Stick margarine is also usually at least a hundred calories per serving, making it as bad (if not worse) as butter.

Whole Milk

Milk is a staple of many an American’s morning routine. Not only is it high in protein, but it also contains loads of calcium and Vitamin D. Whole milk, however, is loaded with calories from saturated fat. Saturated fat, not dietary cholesterol, causes high levels of blood cholesterol. It also leads directly to weight gain. Switching to 1% or skim milk will save you considerable calories and cut your risk of heart disease at the same time.


Imagine a food that has no nutritional value, does nothing to help you feel full or less hungry, is composed of 100% sugar, does little to hydrate you, and even rots your teeth. That, in a nutshell, is soda. Every day, millions of Americans ingest double, triple, or even quadruple their daily allowance for carbohydrates through soft drinks.

It is no surprise that soda is one of the primary culprits in America’s obesity epidemic. There are dozens of studies showing that chronic soda drinkers can shed as much as two pounds a week just by switching to water.

White Bread

White bread is essentially soda’s nutritional brother. Stripped of anything that could make it remotely healthy, it contains nothing but simple carbohydrates that will spike your blood sugar and trigger your body to store fat. Changing to whole grains will save you hundreds of calories, as well as provide your body with crucial nutrients, fiber, and protein.

Hot Dogs

An American cookout staple, hot dogs seem like harmless tubes of meat that can be enjoyed by all ages. Yet as much as 80% of the calories in a hot dog are derived from fat, most of which is the harmful saturated variety. Hot dogs are also generally high in sodium, which can contribute to blood pressure and heart disease. Look for low fat, all natural varieties. You will save hundreds of calories and a potential heart attack.

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