Unhealthy Things: Watch Out For White Foods

Nature has given us a ton of healthy foods and herbs we can eat that promote life and vitality. “Colorful,” “delicious,” and “nutritious” are words to describe the best of them, so where do white foods come from?



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Foods like white sugar, white bread, white flour and white rice are all processed foods that are generally devoid of the vital nutrients, minerals and vitamins our bodies need to live.

Exceptions to the Rule.

Some exceptions are white potatoes, white eggs, and white chestnuts. These are foods that are found in nature (come from the earth or animal sources) and therefore are okay to eat.

Dangers of White Foods.

White Sugar – White sugar adds calories without providing any nutrition. It causes insulin levels in the body to spike, giving you an energy high followed by a fatigued crash later as the effects wear off. This eventually leads to diabetes. Because sugar feeds cells, cancer cells are fed by sugar as well and are encouraged to grow and spread.

White sugar can be addictive and cause considerable weight gain because of the empty calories.White sugar weakens the immune system, so that the body is more susceptible to infection, disease, bacteria and viruses.

White Rice – White rice has been stripped of all of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients found in brown rice to make it lighter in weight and color and so it will cook faster. So you’re getting more empty calories, depleting your natural store of healthy vitamins within the body which try to compensate, and gaining weight as a result.

White Flour – White flour goes through the same process of refinement as white sugar and white rice. All of the nutrients from its wheat flour source are stripped from it, and harmful additives and chemicals are added to make it marketable in stores. White bread is made from this white enriched flour.

It’s really nonsensical to take a naturally healthy product, strip it of its nutrition, then try to artificially add it back. Introducing these processed foods to the body disrupts normal bodily functions and leads to all types of disease.

Healthy Alternatives to Processed White Foods.

Instead of using white sugar, try brown sugar or honey as natural sweeteners. Brown sugar isn’t much better nutritionally, but the small molasses content provides a few nutrients whereas white sugar provides none. Honey, on the other hand, has a lot of nutritional value and is the best option.

Sugar should be avoided whenever possible, and when sweet cravings come calling, go for fruit which are naturally sweet and full of fiber which helps to balance the effects of sugar within them.

In place of white bread, try a whole wheat or whole grain bread. With whole wheat and whole grain breads, the life is still there, which is why they spoil faster than white bread. It may cost you more, but your health is worth it.

In place of white flour, try wheat flour. Go back to the roots. That’s where white flour comes from anyway before being processed. More nutrients are available in wheat flour.

Brown rice is a much better option than white rice. Brown rice has lots more fiber and fulfills your body’s daily whole grain requirement. White rice has no whole grain, very little fiber and nearly no nutritional value. Brown rice makes you feel fuller by eating less, which aids in weight loss. Brown rice also keeps blood sugar regulated and contains cancer-fighting antioxidants.

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