Why Beef Liver is a Fair Red Meat

We are often told to abstain from red meat as much as you can, and that’s likely because red meats tend to be high in fat and cholesterol. Beef liver is a reasonable option for red meat lovers.



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Though beef liver does contain high amounts of cholesterol – a whopping 90-plus percent of the recommended daily allowance – it has other redeeming qualities. As always, moderation is important here.

What’s the Harm in Eating Red Meat?

Red meat isn’t something you should eat on a regular basis. It’s just not good for your heart, and it does contain a good deal of fat. Dietary cholesterol is mostly found in meat and dairy products, and this stuff is just bad news for your arteries. There is good (HDL) cholesterol in some foods, but when you’re dealing with the bad (LDL) cholesterol, your heart and major organs are in danger.

Over time, this waxy substance begins to accumulate in your arteries causing clots until blood is impassable. If blood cannot be circulated to and from the heart and out to other organs, you can suffer a heart attack, stroke or tissue and organ death. Eating red meat can also cause you to accumulate visceral fat on your major organs. This is the kind of fat that directly lines your organs, not the fat that sits directly underneath the surface of your skin. It’s visceral fat that, again, can cause organ damage and major disease.

What’s So Great About Beef Liver?

If you must satisfy your craving for red meat, you can try an occasional slice of beef liver. Here’s some eye-opening information about beef liver and why it’s a fair option:

Beef liver is a warehouse full of vitamins, including vitamin A (more than 4 times your daily requirement!), B3-niacin (just over half your daily requirement), B5 (half your daily requirement), B12 (8 times your daily requirement!) and C. Vitamin A in beef liver is food for your eyes, skin, nails, hair, bones and teeth – and you’re getting more than enough with just one serving.

The B vitamins help to convert your food to energy. Vitamin C, though available in small amounts in beef liver, boosts your immune system, also strengthens your bones and teeth, and gives you radiant skin.
Liver also supplies other essential nutrients, including lots of phosphorus (33% of the daily requirement) and iron (almost 75% of your daily requirement), and small amounts of zinc, calcium and copper. Phosphorus also helps to build strong bones and teeth, and assists in the normal flushing of your kidneys.

Iron is a crucial mineral that helps your blood to transport oxygen throughout the body, improves blood circulation and strengthens your body so you won’t feel fatigued as often.

Liver is low in fat, sodium, carbohydrates and calories, so one slice isn’t as bad as you might think. One slice has almost no sugar as well.
Liver is an excellent source of protein, with about 20 grams per serving, which pans out to almost half your daily requirement. Your body needs protein for energy, digestion and metabolism; to repair itself; to grow new cells, bones, and tissues; and to build a stronger immune system.

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