4 Safeguards to Help Prevent Miscarriage

The best way to prevent miscarriage is by living a clean, healthy lifestyle before your baby is conceived. Sometimes, however, even that isn’t enough. There are always exceptions, but you can at least do all you know to do to try to have a happy, healthy pregnancy.


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Miscarriages are heartbreaking tragedies that every mom-to-be dreads and wants to prevent. Though not totally foolproof, the information listed here may help you to avoid losing your baby during pregnancy or delivering too soon.

What conditions typically lead to a miscarriage?

The average healthy woman has a 15-20 percent chance of having a miscarriage at some point. The reasons miscarriage happen are not always evident, but conditions like the following are often to blame: 1) the mother’s health is compromised, 2) the sperm or egg was flawed, 3) hormonal imbalances, 4) the mother’s physical body was weak or couldn’t support a full-term pregnancy, 5) injury or trauma, 6) the mother is too young or older, 7) overexertion, 8) the fertilized egg was growing outside the uterus and 9) damage caused by substance abuse or risky lifestyle.


Astralagus. Having a strong core (abdominal and pelvic region) may make the female body better able to handle all the added weight of carrying the baby and the placental fluids. Also, the muscles there will be better able to handle tension and support the internal organs like the uterus that hold the baby in place. A Chinese herb called astralagus, which is available in health food stores (especially in the Chinese community) and herb stores, reportedly helps with muscle weakness in the legs and lower body – right where a pregnant woman needs them.

Anticoagulant Drugs. A quarter of all women who have had a miscarriage in the past will likely miscarry again, especially if they are older than 35. As much as medicine is shunned during pregnancy, such a situation calls for it in order to safeguard Mom and her unborn baby.

One study apparently proved that putting at-risk pregnant women on a regimen of mild aspirin and heparin for nearly the full term of pregnancy greatly increases their chances of delivering successfully and without complication. The success of this regimen is likely because both of these drugs are blood thinners and reduce the likelihood of blood clots, as well as help with high blood pressure.

An Tai Wan. This herbal formula has a long list of Chinese herbs (including Dang Gui, Ai Ye, Huang Qi and others) that together keep the threat of miscarriage at bay.

This formula is used mostly in the Chinese community, but it boasts the ability to keep muscles and the developing baby relaxed in utero, to lessen or prohibit early contractions and pain, and improve blood circulation so the baby remains safe and warm. The massive dosage (7 pills, 3 times daily) may be a slight turnoff, but this remedy is definitely something to discuss with your doctor. It may be exactly the fix you need.

False Unicorn Root & Black Haw Root. Both of these herbs work to make the uterine muscles stronger, so that a repeat miscarriage is less likely. However, because they aren’t as popular as some others, you may need the help of an herbalist to find a market that dispenses them.

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