4 Secret Facts About Your Health: Snoring Can be a Red Flag

If you had to ask a group of doctors, nurses and nutritionists for their most relevant and surprising advice, what do you think you would learn?

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Your health is a complicated issue, and keeping it at its peak is quite the difficult endeavor. Luckily, there is a wide variety of medical knowledge out there that is available to anyone with some spare time and the willingness to learn. If you do not wish to spend a decade sifting through this metaphorical library of wisdom, we have compiled some interesting facts on a variety of health topics that are interesting and relevant to just about anyone.

1 You can Control your Migraines

Most pharmaceutical companies would like you to believe that if you suffer migraines, your only hope for relief is through painkillers or other medications. Many people indeed believe that they are doomed to experience recurrent, crippling headaches for the rest of their lives. The reality, however, is quite different. Many (if not most) migraine sufferers actually have triggers that cause their episodes.

The trick is to learn what your triggers are, and avoid them in the future. These triggers can be smells, specific foods, or even stress. Some common food triggers include caffeine, chocolate, alcohol, or preservatives such as MSG. Keep a “migraine diary” and record what you have done and eaten in the 24 hours before your episode. Eventually, you may find a theme that lets you isolate and eliminate your trigger.

2 Tell your Doctor Everything

It is actually remarkable how many people lie to their doctors on a daily basis. A lot of this is simple, like saying that you’re “great” when you’re actually stressed from work. Other times it can be a little more harmful, like claiming you don’t smoke because you only smoke once a week or month.

Your doctor is not a psychic and can only work with what you give them. All information is relevant; if you knew what mattered and what didn’t, chances are you would not need to see a physician in the first place. Be completely upfront and candid with your doctor. At worst, you won’t get in any trouble, and at best it may save your life down the road.

3 Snoring Can be a Red Flag

Believe it or not, snoring is not actually normal. In fact, it can be a sign of other potentially more serious problems. If you snore regularly and are tired all the time (or at least unusually lethargic), you may be suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. Diagnosing this condition in time could one day save your life.

4 Allergic Reactions can Develop Spontaneously

You are not necessarily born with allergies. In fact, they can develop at any point in your life. Some can be as simple as a mild pollen allergy in your 30’s. Others can be an allergic reaction to medications such as antibiotics. If you experience any of the following symptoms, seek help immediately; hives, trouble breathing and swallowing, dizziness and chest pain.

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