5 Surprising Headache Facts

Practically everyone gets headaches of varying degrees. Some people get sinus headaches, while others get pressure and tension headaches, and even migraines. While most of the literature surrounding headaches addresses how to treat and cure them, there have been some recent discoveries in the medical field that have brought us interesting information about the phenomena.



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Did you know that migraines have now been linked back to three specific human genes? Or that very few people actually have the “sinus headaches” that they think they’re experiencing? Listed below are some of the most interesting and little known facts about headaches.

3d Television and Movies Really Do Give You Headaches

Ever since the widespread use of 3d in media, a sizeable segment of the population has complained that the images give them headaches. As it turns out, the culprit is not the unwieldy glasses that you are forced to wear, but rather the strain that processing such images causes your brain.

A recent study showed that the more the images jump out at you, the more duress your brain goes through to attempt to reconcile them with one another. Naturally, this much strain can lead to an annoying headache lasting for as much as a few hours.

High Cholesterol Levels can Cause Headaches

If you are in your mid fifties and have been experiencing migraines with an aura (i.e. episodes where there is a noticeable visual or otherwise sensory dimension that precedes or follows the migraine), then you should work on lowering your cholesterol. A recent study has shown a significant correlation between migraines with auras in seniors and high cholesterol levels. Such migraines have also been linked to heart disease.

Headaches May be Genetic

Recent research has found three genetic variations that have been linked to a high risk for migraines. One of these is linked to cold and pain processing, the second to nerve function, and the third’s purpose is unknown. Each one, however, increase your risk for migraines by as much as fifteen percent.

Few People Experience Sinus Headaches

Sinus headaches are one of the most frequently complained about types of headaches, and the market to treat and relieve them nets hundreds of millions of dollars a year. Yet recent research has found that few people who claim to experience sinus headaches actually have them.

A study of 3,000 people who claimed to experience chronic sinus headaches found that almost 90 percent were actually experiencing migraines. Most of the rest just had clogged sinuses and tension headaches. If you are experiencing a headache combined with nausea and sensitivity to light, chances are it is a migraine.

Sex Can Trigger Headaches

There are two types of these headaches, and men are more likely to experience them than women. The first gets worse as sexual activity progresses whilst the other is a sharp pain that is felt during or immediately after orgasm. If you are experiencing either, it is suggested that you consult with your doctor immediately. The second type (orgasm headaches) seem to be benign, but may occasionally indicate another problem.

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