5 Tips to Defy Your Age and Live Longer

You can look and feel younger and even live longer when you take these 5 tips to heart.



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Your age doesn’t have to determine your health and vitality. Defy the numbers by being smart in your daily food and life choices.

1. Combine Vitamins C and E

When taken separately, vitamins C and E are powerful in their own right. Vitamin C is a “beast” when it comes to defending against disease and respiratory infections and just keeping the immune system strong. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin that guards against free radical invasions. Without the antioxidant power of vitamins like C and E, free radicals will run your body over, spreading disease as they go.

Vitamins C and E work even better when they’re combined. While vitamin C guards the watery parts of cells, vitamin E guards and protects their fatty parts. Together, they defend against cancer and cell and artery damage, which keeps your body healthier longer. Scientists predict that a person can add up to a year to their life by combining these vitamins.

2. Use Smaller Plates and Reduce Portion Size

Even though the French diet is high in fat, their rate of obesity is 2/3 less than that of the United States. Contrary to popular belief, their high consumption of red wine wasn’t to blame; new research suggests that it’s likely because they use standard 9-inch plates instead of the American 11- and 13-inch size.

You can further control portion size by separating foods on your plate. So let your meat have its place, your vegetables their place and so on. The result is that you will be healthier, eat less and gain less weight without having to give it a second thought. Scientists predict that smaller portion sizes by using smaller plates can add 3 years to your life.

3. Laugh Hard and Often

Laughing reduces stress and releases “feel-good” hormones that make a person seem to forget their worries, if only for a moment. In a constant state of calm and high spirits, you are less likely to suffer from heart disease or a compromised immune system, which provides added protection from other diseases – even cancer. Scientists predict that a person who laughs a lot, due to the reduced amount of stress, can add up to 8 years to their life.

4. Consume More Flavonoids

Flavonoids are chemicals found in plants that work like vitamins C, E and others to stop the spreading of free radicals, which wreak havoc on the body if left unchecked. Studies show that people who consume flavonoid-rich foods like broccoli, strawberries and green tea have fewer instances of breast and prostate cancer. For optimal health, 31 mg of flavonoids daily is recommended. Scientists predict that eating flavonoid-rich foods on a regular basis can add 3 years to your life.

5. Eat Fiber in the Daytime

Experts believe that doubling the national average of daily fiber intake to about 25 grams may cause you to look and feel 3 years younger and have your body function accordingly. Also, with less compacted stools as a result of eating more fiber, you’ll be less toxic and lighter on your feet.

Eating fiber early in the day can prevent blood sugar spikes that tend to occur at breakfast time and maintain a feeling of fullness that will carry you to your next meal with no cravings. Scientists predict that you can add a half a year to your life by following this simple rule.

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