7 Ways to Reduce Stress In Your Life

There is no apparent end to the stresses of life. We must face that every day brings with it a new challenge of some sort, but it’s how we deal with these stresses and challenges that determines whether our health will be affected or not.


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Attitude, mindset and outlook are more powerful than people realize. Using mind-over-matter techniques, people are able to walk on hot coals, get painful full body tattoos, and conquer their fears. In the same way, the mind can be fed positivity that will make them less susceptible to illness, pain, sadness, and other negative situations.

Stress Reducer #1: MUSIC

Hearing the sound of serene instrumentals has a calming effect and a mind-clearing effect that allows you to think and breathe deeply. For a moment of the day, you can meditate or pray and use music to relax you in the process. Soft music with candles or dim lighting creates the perfect atmosphere to relax and unwind after a challenging day.

Stress Reducer #2: PETS

In a Boston University study of 480 people, the number one stress reducer was found to be dogs. Pets don’t judge; they just love you unconditionally. Just like with a loving, nonjudgmental friend, your relationship with your pet is priceless.

Stress Reducer #3: LAUGHTER

Laughter is, indeed, good medicine. It can keep you heart healthy and help you to overcome illness. When you laugh, your brain is stimulated, endorphins are released, you feel better and your stress levels go down. Laughter can diffuse anger, sadness, depression and other negative feelings which perpetuate illness.

It’s easy to find ways to tickle your funny bone. You could try watching more comedic movies, reading comics and funny stories, surrounding yourself with friends and family that keep you laughing, and look at day-to-day occurrences in funny, new ways yourself, etc.

Stress Reducer #4: REST

Adults need at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep each night, and insufficient rest makes you cranky, stressed, depressed, and fatigued. Your immune system is eventually weakened so you are open to disease invasion. To make your rest sweeter, do the following: 1) don’t eat at least an hour before bed, 2) avoid alcohol, stimulants, drugs (except sleeping pills, of course), violent movies and exercise shortly before bed, 3) do treat yourself to a bubble bath or massage just before bed, and 4) keep the TV out of your bedroom.

Stress Reducer #5: POSITIVE SELF-TALK

No one can affirm you like you can. It may be difficult at first, but speaking positive and encouraging words to yourself keeps your spirits lifted and keeps stress down. You will find that eventually it will become a habit, and why break a good one?

Stress Reducer #6: HEALTHY FOODS

Nature didn’t leave anything to chance; there is something for everything, including stress relief, in the foods, herbs and spices that we eat. Some of the foods that do the trick are oatmeal, whole grain cereal, oranges, strawberries, dark chocolate, spinach, fatty fish, nuts, avocados, and warm milk. Herbs that reduce stress and anxiety levels are St. John’s Wort, lavender, valerian root, chamomile, rosemary, thyme and sage.

Stress Reducer #7: EXERCISE

Was there any doubt that exercise wouldn’t be on this list? Exercise also boosts serotonin levels and increases your mood, so find something you enjoy doing and get moving.

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