Abs Diet Workout Routine

When you are striving for the perfect six pack, it often seems as if your whole life has to revolve around that singular goal. Whether you are planning every meal to maximize nutritional value and minimize calories, or you are spending every spare minute on the treadmill, you may suddenly find that you have little time for anything else.


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To make things both simpler and easier, you should create the most efficient abs diet workout routine possible. This does not only mean that you should be focusing on your abdominal muscles. Ultimately, any muscle you build will help you burn more calories on a daily basis, thus making the task of keeping that precious six pack that much easier.

Abs Diet Workout Routine: Cardio

To burn fat and reveal that six pack, you are going to need to perform cardiovascular exercise. This can mean anything from jogging to tae-bo, but the goal is to increase your heart rate and burn through calories. Perform medium to high intensity cardio approximately three to five times a week. Do not, however, overexert yourself. Even a small injury can set you back weeks.

Your cardio should be tiring, but not necessarily exhausting. Even more than burning off fat, you want to be setting a pace that you can keep for the rest of your life. Once your six pack is revealed, you will need to keep working out to maintain it.

Abs Diet Workout Routine: Resistance Exercises

As you exercise, you will want to build muscle all over your body as fast as possible. Not only does resistance training burn an enormous amount of calories in itself, but it also forms new calorie-devouring muscle that will help you keep the weight off and your six pack visible.

To do this, try to perform compound exercises. This means any exercise that works out multiple muscle groups at once. Examples are push ups and pull ups. There are plenty of variations of both; overhand pull-ups, underhand pull-ups, wide grip pushups, narrow grip pull-ups, military pushups, and even inclined pushups (when you need more resistance).

Target your larger muscles such as your triceps and quadriceps. There are numerous online resources that will list the exercises for each.

Finally, you will need to perform a variety of abdominal resistance exercises. This can mean situps, leg lifts, crunches, and super-mans. Additionally, find exercises that target your obliques and rectus abdominis for the complete Six-Pack look.

Ideally, you will be performing resistance exercises three to four times a week. You can mix and match these however you want, but give each part of your body at least forty eight hours of rest. Remember that your body does not build muscle during the actual workout itself, but rather it builds muscle during the recovery period.

Once you have achieved your goal, you should still be performing a healthy amount of cardio. You can stagger down your resistance exercises to once a week for every muscle group, as this has been shown to be the amount required to maintain the gains you have already made.

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