Americans Supporting Legalization Of Marijuana More Than Ever

The study of legalizing marijuana has always been a long debated topic, and one that is both political and socially topical. On Monday, a new study came out that shows that Americans for the first time actually support the legalization more than ever before.

The study over 1,000 adults asked whether the topic of marijuana and its legality was right. As Colorado on January 1st became the first state to allow citizens to legally purchase the drug, this topic is gaining interest and may soon become a national topic of conversation.

Health Benefits Noted In Marijuana Poll Among Americans

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Marijuana Health Study Findings

In the study, 1,000 adults across the United States were asked about whether or not marijuana should be legalized. It is important to note that in 1987, 70 percent of the public said no, but today’s study proves the opposite. The poll shows that 55 percent of Americans say that marijuana should be legalized.

The poll also showed that 44 percent of people in the poll state that marijuana should not be legal, and 35 percent of people think that smoking marijuana is morally wrong, and object to the idea of marijuana overall. The study also breaks down the study to show that Republicans and southerners are generally the highest groups that oppose it as well.

Major Health Shift

This health study is more of a political debate, but shows how Americans are shifting their options on this health debate as well. Marijuana has been used for years for its health benefits with cancer and glaucoma patients, and the ability for these patients to get it without hassles or problems is one of the possibilities of this poll.

Whether it is morally right or wrong is a topic for another conversation, but the poll showing that the health benefits of this drug is one to be commended. For years, Americans in various states have been able to get the drug for a variety of health related problems, but federal regulations have stopped that from moving forward. This poll is a smaller study of only 1,000 and isn’t a national poll, but still shows that the public health sentiment is slowly changing. Other countries have it legalized, and maybe the US will be soon.

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