Annual Lung Screening Tests Encouraged For Smokers

For smokers, getting by with normal health on a day to day basis can be challenging, but for those looking to get ahead got interesting news. Researchers and information released by the US Preventative Services Task Force recommended annual lung cancer screening tests yearly.

The study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine points particularly to those smokers who are aged 55 to 80, and who traditionally have a higher risk of cancer than other groups. The recommendation of getting annual lung cancer screening tests can help them survive longer.

Smokers Encouraged To Get Annual Lung Screening Tests

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Research Study and Smokers Criteria

In the study, heavy smokers were considered those have smoked a pack a day for the past 30 years, which are many. In addition, those who smoke two packs a day for approximately 15 years, which outnumber that amount as well. The older age group combined with long term smoking unfortunately is pointed to groups that get lung cancer more.

The study started in 2004, and found those who were advantageous and got the lung cancer screening actually faired better than those who didn’t. The early diagnosis and low-dose CT scans were also found to outweigh any negatives associated with radiation and any psychological effects of diagnosis.

Guidelines Established

The study is helping to establish new guidelines for smokers and a greatly increasing elderly smoking population. Insurers are likely to cover the increased request for lung cancer screening tests, and are graded a “B” by the study, which means insurance carriers will be required to cover them.

Since lung cancer currently kills over 150,000 people across the United States, the idea to get those deaths under control is highly important. Smoking is the main culprit behind lung cancer, and is the cause of approximately 85 percent of lung cancers in the United States. The American Cancer Society has made these similar types of recommendations in the past, but this study from the governmental arm of the United States will help it get pushed through faster, and especially from insurance carrier coverage. For those looking to get ahead of any possible lung cancer diagnosis in the future, getting an early screening can help, and help those who might suffer from it later due to smoking.

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