Are Antibacterial Soaps More Harm Than Good?

People use antibacterials soaps everyday, and they are a multi-billion dollar business for companies, but on Monday, the FDA issued warnings about the products that might shock that industry. The FDA announcement stated that the soaps might be harmful and has health conscious people worried.

Many people use antibacterial soaps on a daily basis because they have been deemed healthier throughout the years by experts. But, the chemicals they contain might aid in the growth of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and hurt hormone levels, neither of which is good.


Why Now?

The FDA on Monday issued warnings for consumers about the safety of anti-bacterial soaps as a warning, but has made nationwide health news for it. For women and children, the triclosan and triclocarban chemicals that help with the bodies resistance of building up naturally occurring bacterial chemicals it is worrisome. Many experts are calling this a public health threat, while many other experts are just calling this something to be concerned about.

The triclocarban chemicals over the years have been linked to dangerous to mother’s who nurse, and it can sometimes interfere with how the body produces natural hormones. When the mixture of mothers and newborns are involved, the FDA gets involved quickly, and the questions over long-term uses of anti-bacterial soaps gets major attention.

FDA Outlook

The FDA in its statement stated that data suggests that long-term daily use of anti-bacterial soaps may outweigh the benefits. The ingredients inside the soaps often can contribute to bacterial resistance, and some hormonal effects. Other past research also showed same results, and the chemical was related to allergy and immune system problems.

This announcement by the FDA will set off a six-month public comment period about the use of anti-bacterial soaps with consumers in mind. The industry will have 60 days after this to dispute the evidence and claims, and then if the FDA decides to install standards, those would take effect a year later.

For many, it isn’t a don’t use antibacterial soaps all of a sudden move, but adds to the latest concerns surrounding them that have been published over the years. For most consumers, they just need to be aware, and watch for any future findings by the FDA and other agencies around the globe.

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