Are Peanuts Safe For Pregnant Women?

For the longest period of time, pregnant women have eaten pretty much whatever they have wanted. It comes with having a child, and many don’t get in the way when they are hungry. But on Monday, research about pregnant women and their cravings for peanuts got interest from a number of health professionals.

Peanuts while causing allergies in certain people, hasn’t ever really been a problem with pregnant women. But recent research shows that pregnant women who consume peanuts might trigger allergies in their child, and may cause pregnant women to think twice about it in the future.

Can Pregnant Women Consume Nuts Safely?

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The Peanut Pregnant Study

Dr Michael Young, from the Boston Children’s Hospital did a study between the years of 1997-2010, and found that women who ate peanuts during their pregnancy had a 1.4 percent increase in the allergies given to their children. These women in the study had a form of nut allergy in their systems when they passed it onto their children.

For those without nut allergies though, the threat of passing along additional allergies via peanut consumption fell, according to the research. Women in the study who didn’t have a nut allergy actually consumed more nuts than others, and gave their children a much lower risk of nut allergies in their newborns.

National Research

When these studies went national, over 8,000 mothers were questioned on what they ate and how often they ate. 308 of then had food allergies with 140 of them allergic to peanuts or tree nuts. For the most part, when the expectant mothers ate the nuts, the increased risk wasn’t something that mattered much, but a small percentage did.

In that small percentage, 1.5 percent of children of the women who ate less than one serving of nuts per month, developed nut allergies. A smaller percentage of those women who consumed nuts more than five times per month showed that their children had a two and a half times risk of nut allergies compared to others.

The research shows that the truth surrounding nuts and pregnancy is still an open question, but pregnant women should watch their nut intake regardless. It hasn’t been proven either way, but eating too many nuts can still be cause for a smaller alarm.

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