At Home Teeth Whitening Solutions for Whiter Teeth

Articles about the best at-home-teeth-whitening-solutions. – Often times we find that either due to age or other, more controllable, circumstances our once pearly white teeth fade into discoloration. Even without any help, teeth usually become darker over time due to their natural mineral structure. Substances like tobacco, coffee, common foods and even antibiotics can add to the discoloration.




Luckily there is hope. In order to meet the needs of an increasingly image conscious society, science has given us a number of easy teeth whitening solutions, most of which can be applied in the comfort of your very own home.

While these at home solutions are generally less effective than those performed by a licensed dentist, they are often less invasive, cheaper, and far more convenient.

Teeth Whitening: Here are some of the best options available

Perhaps the mildest and easiest to use option in the teeth whitening war chest is that of “whitening” tooth paste. This is the least aggressive option, however, and may take a considerable amount of time. Often, the term “whitening” is used very liberally when applied to toothpaste. As such, if you are choosing this option, be sure to pick a specialty product that emphasizes the whitening aspect. Do not be disappointed if results do not appear for weeks or even months, as this method can take many months to whiten your teeth.

A similar option is whitening gum. These products may actually help fight new stains during the day, but like whitening toothpaste, they are not very aggressive at removing existing stains. Over time, you may notice some improvement but hardly on the scale of bleaching. This may be an excellent option, however, if you have time or extremely sensitive teeth.

The most popular at home option on the market is the use of whitening strips. These strips, which are produced by a variety of major tooth care companies, generally use a relatively low concentration of tooth whitening agents. They are applied to both the upper and lower teeth for as long as a few hours a day for a period of up to a month. Currently, there are some “nighttime” options that are intended to be worn whilst sleeping.

Unlike similar solutions from the dentist’s office, these strips are not perfectly contoured to the teeth. Some come with a plastic tray that can be heated and molded to the contours of your mouth, but the effects of this can vary. Nonetheless, all of the above solutions are considerably less expensive and more convenient than going through your dentist.

While the effects of in-home bleaching can often be spectacular, sometimes there are no visible effects at all. This can be due to a number of factors. Some stains, for example, do not respond to bleaching or oxidizing agents. Some stains permeate the tooth or are from the inside-out. These problems generally require more drastic solutions, but they generally constitute only a small percentage of reasons for tooth discoloration.

It is always recommended to try these safer, milder solutions first. Their effects may very well surprise you, and if they do not generate the improvements you seek then other, more costly options can always be considered.

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