Be Good to Your Nails

No one likes fingernails that are dry, brittle, thin and chipped. They signal that the body is lacking in certain vitamins, minerals and oils that will return their luster and health.



You can have longer, stronger, healthier nails if you try some of the techniques outlined here.

Tips For Healthy Nails

Oil ‘Em Up – If you wash your hands, wash dishes or shower often, your nails have got to be suffering. With all that washing, they lose their natural oils along the way. One of the ways you can restore your nails’ health and natural oils is to counter all that washing with heavy moisturizing, using almond or jojoba oil – and not just your hands, but pay special attention to your nails and apply the oils to them directly. Do your usual clipping and buffing to keep your nails up, but in addition dab on those oils twice a day in the a.m. and p.m. You should see a remarkable change within the next couple of months.

Castor oil and comfrey oil can also be used in this way. Be sure to work the oil into every crevice of your nails, even into the cuticles. Applying castor oil daily will strengthen nails, while comfrey oil will help them to grow for a great combination of longer and stronger nails that women, especially, crave.

Applying Vaseline or even Crisco to your nails daily can also help with thinning, peeling nails that bend and break easily. This happens to nails naturally as we age, so it’s good to know we have legendary reinforcements like these to help our nails bounce back to life.

Pay Attention to Nutrition – Nutrition affects our physical beauty as well, including our nails, so eat healthy foods if you want it to show on the outside. For the nails specifically, try eating more fish, cucumbers, grapes, apples, garlic, sweet potatoes, nuts and avocados – and, of course, drinking lots of water.

Nails rely on vitamins and minerals for their vitality – especially vitamins A, B (all B-vitamins), C, D and E. Zinc, iron, calcium and iodine are also important. Without these basic vitamins and minerals, nails are at their worst. You can take vitamin supplements or a multivitamin geared to nail health specifically or just improve your diet to ensure that all of these nutrients are included.

Herbal Remedies – When you know you’re not lacking in proper nutrition that benefits your nails, you just might need a little boost from nature’s kitchen. Herbs such as parsley, alfalfa and horsetail are great for strengthening and revitalizing the nails – and though you say you’re eating right, it wouldn’t hurt you to increase the amount of raw or lightly steamed veggies you’re eating, especially the dark green kind.

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