Better Dental Health Means No Nuts

Having great teeth and dental health is quite important, and anyone who has had to go the dentist on numerous occasions will agree with that almost 100% of the time. But as recent research has shown that eating nuts can actually degrade humans dental health.

The findings which took a look at people over the 15,000 year period, specifically looked at hunter-gatherers who roamed across the African plain. The research though shows that those who ate nuts and other nut products actually had increased tooth decay and bad breath.

Early Man Had Dental Decay With Nuts But No Dentists


Dental And Nut Connection

While nuts for years have been promoted for better health by doctors and physicians, the dental benefits of nuts really haven’t been discussed, and this might be the reason. Early research into the history of man shows that as farming cultures and process foods emerged, dental health went on the decline, but never with nuts.

The study released in the Journal of the Medical Association links early man with nut allergies and especially children of the time to mothers who ate tree nuts in their early to late pregnancies. Many thought during the times that by eating nuts of the trees, it would actually help their offspring, and only now shows the opposite.

African Hunters The Focus

The study which took a look at early man travelling throughout the African and Morocco plains, took a look at tooth decay in those people. As the bacteria and transitions of man as he hunted were changing during these early times, they ate nuts more. The eating of the nuts, combined with the natural chemicals in the foods they ate, added to the tooth decay.

The bacterial deposits in their teeth were examined by researchers, and the changing diets of man were noted in the research. Later, as carbohydrates and food processing were adapted by mankind, the dental health also started heading downhill.

But, the research is just a snapshot of early man and their teeth, and in no way a reason not to eat nuts. Nuts still offer great sources of proteins and other health benefits for men and women. It shows that even early man 15,000 years ago had tooth decay without a dentist in sight.

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