Break Free From the Trap of Workaholism

Workaholism is seen by some as a good thing, but at what price? Workaholism equals imbalance and exhaustion, and something significant in your life is bound to suffer.



Below are signs and symptoms of workaholism and what steps you can take to regain a healthy balance.

Out of Balance 

The average businessperson wears workaholism as a badge of honor, believing that being overworked is equivalent to being successful.

The reality is that people who are truly successful know how to create and maintain balance in every area of their lives. They value hard work, but also family and their own wellbeing. Such people end up being more creative, more productive and easier to get along with because of this state of equilibrium.

Workaholics, on the other hand, are usually headed for trouble in their health, relationships, etc. It’s not until tragedy happens or as they look back on their lives that they realize how much the important things in life have been neglected – and time, once lost, can never be regained.

Diligence vs. Obsession – A Thin Line

It is not always easy to tell when the line is crossed between a healthy commitment to hard work and ambition to a crazed, relentless drive for success at all costs. There are, however, warning signs that you should pay attention to.

Most Obvious Signs
You are probably a workaholic if…

  • It’s dark when you leave for work and return from work, even in the summertime.
  • You have lost contact with your loved ones and no longer share in their day-to-day lives.
  • You have forgotten what it means to have fun, but long to get away.
  • No amount of hours or effort seems to be enough.
  • You’re always achy and in pain and too tired for sex.

Less Obvious Signs
You may be a workaholic if…

  • You forget things that you’ve known for years (like your ATM password or a loved one’s birthday). This is a sign that professional concerns are monopolizing your mind.
  • You’re unable to get in your car without turning on the radio or the phone. This usually signifies that you feel the need to multitask at all times rather than focusing on the real task at hand, which is driving in this case.
  • You own exercise equipment or a gym membership that you never use. Successful people have good follow-through and finish what they start. Workaholics have good intentions, but stay exhausted, make more mistakes and tend to have unfinished business.

Regain Control

Changing your behavior requires a great deal of effort on your part, but you can take small steps until workaholism is a thing of the past.

Shift Your Focus – Begin by isolating yourself for an hour or two, preferably in a natural setting like in a park or by the ocean. Once there, list the 10 most important people and things in your life. You will find that family almost always appears before your work.

Small Changes First – You won’t change overnight, but gradually delegating a responsibility here and there to someone else on your staff/team and making other small lifestyle changes will begin to free you up for more personal and family time.

Learn Something New – Mind expansion makes you more creative and interesting. It also gives you a refreshing jolt and makes life more pleasurable.

Improve Your Health – Eat healthier foods, get more sleep, exercise more often, get in touch with your spirituality and learn to enjoy the outdoors so you can enjoy life more.

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