Cholesterol Lowering Supplements: What Works, What Doesn’t

Cholesterol supplements are a great way to control high cholesterol levels. Cholesterol, defined simply, is wax-like fat created by the body’s liver or intestines. This steroid is essential for forming cell membranes in all mammals.



Although this substance is vital to the human body, too much of it can lead to health risks such as heart attack, stroke, and peripheral vascular disease. High levels of cholesterol clog the body’s arteries which increases the potential of suffering from a heart attack or other heart diseases.

High cholesterol is not uncommon, and luckily there are several treatment options available. The most convenient treatment is cholesterol supplements.

Over The Counter Relief – Tablets and Capsules

The easiest way to obtain cholesterol supplements is to purchase them over the counter. These supplements are manufactured by a variety of companies and come in several different forms. For those who prefer the traditional pill method, cholesterol supplements can be found in tablet or capsule form.

Twinlab’s “Cholesterol Success Plus” product comes in tablet form and is designed to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Likewise, Source Naturals manufactures a cholesterol supplement called “Policosanol Cholesterol Complex.” This supplement uses a natural ingredient taken from plant waxes to help keep the heart healthy and cholesterol levels where they should be.

One A Day’s “Cholesterol Plus” tablets offer cholesterol control as well as a multivitamin. The advantage of this product is that it includes phytosterols for healthy cholesterol levels, calcium and folic acid for maintaining a healthy blood pressure, and vitamins B6, B12, C, and E for a healthy heart.

Cholesterol supplements also come in easy to swallow capsules. One great option for vegetarians is Vitabase Policosanol’s “Cholesterol and Heart Support” supplement. This product is derived from sugar cane and clinically proven to naturally support healthy cholesterol levels. Over the past ten years, this supplement has been used in several human studies; the results demonstrated this supplement has no negative side effects.

Dexterity Health also manufactures cholesterol supplements in the form of capsules; their product is called “Cholester-X Complete.” This supplement provides natural cholesterol support.

Alternative Over The Counter Relief – Chews and Liquids

Although tablets and capsules are the easiest types of cholesterol supplements to come across, there are still options for those who prefer not to take pills. Many people have trouble swallowing pills or even capsules.

For those who cannot swallow pills, chewable supplements or liquids are a great choice. Benecol has a great supplement on the market that is chewable and comes in delicious flavors such as caramel. This product, called “Smart Chews,” uses plant stanol esters to lower bad cholesterol in the body.

The advantage of this product, besides being tasty, is that it can be taken in conjunction with some other types of cholesterol medicine in order to provide additional help.

Cholesterol supplements also come in liquid form. These products are geared towards children. One example of this type of supplement is Pediakid’s “Omega 3 Fish Oil.” This product contains natural fish oil which can reduce high cholesterol in children, as well as promote healthy brain development and function.

Other Options

Cholesterol supplements, like any other type of medication, may not be for everyone. Although many types of supplements exist, both over the counter and prescription, it is best to talk with your doctor before beginning any kind of supplement. If you suspect you may have high cholesterol, visit your doctor and get tested. Your doctor can work with you to find the cholesterol supplement, or alternative option, that best fits your needs.

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