Close To 1 Billion Smokers In The Wild

Smokers have been around throughout the world throughout history, and those numbers continue to grow based on numbers released on Tuesday. The global numbers of smokers from around the world has approached one billion, and the concerns surrounding smoking don’t seem to bother them.

In the study released to the JAMA, or Journal of American Health, the rise of smoking globally is due to the population growth around the world. With the population of the Earth almost doubling in the past 50 years to approximately seven billion, so has the smoker base.

Global Smokers Reach One Billion In Numbers
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Smokers Continue To Grow

The global study of smokers took into effect the number of smokers in all the countries of the world. The study showed that in developing countries in particular, the numbers of smokers are growing in record numbers. In countries like China, Russia, and other countries, smoking has been taken up by more people.

But interestingly, the proportion of the world that smokes globally has gone down. The study shows that 31 percent of men, or 6 percent of women in the world smoke. That is lower compared to numbers of 41 percent and 10 percent, as the study showed in 1980. The global impact of smoking and increased population in developing countries is a wild concern to researchers.

Why Smoking Dropped In Some But Not Others

In the developed countries and major countries, smoking actually went down as the public generally got the health concerns surrounding the dangers of smoking. The transition to electronic cigarettes and other transitional products has taken away from the percentage of those who smoke in the US, UK, Japan, and other noted countries.

But, in countries like Timor, Bangladesh, China, Russia, and others, the amount of smokers is staggering. In Timor, 61 percent of the population smokes everyday. In the other countries, smoking is also ranks very high among the percentage of the population. Whether the health dangers of smoking haven’t been taught or they simply don’t care, either way it shows that approximately one billion people still smoke globally. Increased taxes, political policies, and laws geared to stop smokers globally are seen as the only ways to curb the global spike of smokers all over the globe according to the research.

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