Colon Cleansing The Natural Way

There are many so-called “natural” colon cleansing products out there, as well as doctor-assisted procedures, that promise to sweep the intestines clean, wiping out all toxins and old waste that may have accumulated over the years. Are they even necessary?




Are these methods really the best natural approach or is diet and exercise equally or more effective?

Colon Cleanse Products

You can purchase do-it-yourself colon cleanse products that can be taken orally or rectally. They are convenient, affordable, and easy to use. These types of products include laxatives, herbal teas and pills, enemas, powders and enzymes, which you can purchase at your local pharmacy or health food store.

These products usually produce heavier and more frequent bowel movements over the course of a few days, and coupled with lots of water, are supposed to remove all toxins and any excess waste from the colon – toxins which are supposedly to blame for symptoms like fatigue, sluggishness, headaches, bowel problems and weight gain. These colon cleansers may give you a lightweight, clean feeling after all that elimination, but given that the bowels and digestive system automatically eliminate waste from the body, are these supplements necessary?

Consider these facts: 1) The colon and liver contain good bacteria that kill toxins. 2) The colon’s mucous membranes block these toxins from re-accessing the blood. 3) The colon sloughs off old cells and renews itself a couple times a week, which keeps toxicity down. 4) Also, bowel movements can be regulated and increased for expulsion of waste by simple dietary changes.

Doctor-Assisted Colon Cleanses

Colonics are the most common doctor-assisted colon cleanses. This process is done in a sanitary medical setting using tubing and powerful irrigation systems that flush the colon with water and/or other substances like herbs.

Those who are for colonics argue that when the body’s natural elimination processes fail, colonics do the job for you. Those against colonics say they are pricey and pose some health risks, including tears in the bowels; infections due to old or unsterilized equipment; dehydration due to sudden and massive expulsion of colon material; and mineral imbalances.

Dietary Colon Cleanse

The foods we eat can revolutionize our colon health and render other colon cleanse methods unnecessary. When the colon is naturally clean and running properly, a person’s risk for bowel problems, colon cancer and other diseases are greatly reduced.

The absolute best way to keep your colon clean and healthy nutritionally is by revving up your fiber and water intake as much as possible. Fiber and water have natural flushing action like a typical assisted colon cleanse without the associated risks. Together they regulate the bowels, flush out impurities and kill disease. They even regulate weight and appetite, keep the heart and other organs functioning well, and produce radiant, blemish-free skin.

Your diet should include about 30-35 grams of fiber per day to be on the safe side. There are all types of fiber-rich foods which make the job of ingesting more fiber quite simple. Try eating more fruits and veggies, whole grains, fortified cereals, oatmeal, bran, brown rice, and low-fat plain yogurt. On the flipside, you will want to steer clear of junk foods, alcohol, tobacco and red meat as much as you can since these types of food encourage colon problems and disease.

Exercise helps the body work at an optimal level, in partnership with healthy eating. If you really want to go natural, cleanse the body with good foods and clean living.

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