Dental Problems You can Fix at Home

Lately, it seems as if going to the dentist is even more of a hassle than it once was. With millions of people already hesitating to visit their dentist because they’re apprehensive of the giant drills or just nervous about the environment itself, it’s positively amazing how long it takes to schedule a dentist appointment.




The average visit must be scheduled months in advance, which makes treating acute problems quite difficult. Luckily, many of the dental problems you may experience actually have some pretty simple remedies that can be performed at home. The most common problems and their solutions are discussed below.

Burnt Tongue or Palate

So after fifteen minutes of preheating the oven and another twenty minutes of cooking it to extra crispy, you are finally ready to bite into that pizza. Unfortunately, your impatience backfired and you’ve now burnt your mouth so severely that your taste buds may as well think you’re eating cardboard.

Yet the fact that you can no longer appreciate the five distinct cheeses in your pizza is hardly the biggest problem Burns in your mouth can soften the tissue and foster bacterial infections.

Mix a teaspoon of salt into a cup of warm water, and rinse with it. This will help eliminate the acidic environment and also bring any possible infection out into the open where your body can naturally fight it off.

Gum Pain

Pain in your gums is no laughing matter Gum disease has been proven to make you over five times as likely to develop heart disease and significantly more at risk for several types of cancers. The pain can be addressed by rinsing with peppermint tea, but it will not solve the underlying problems. Lay off the refined sugars, and begin flossing and brushing regularly if you haven’t already. If the pain continues, visit your dentist.

Canker Sores

Canker sores have a variety of causes, but various foods (spicy and sharp foods in particular) can make them worse. If you have one, dab a cotton ball with some vegetable oil and apply it to the sore a few times a day. It will help protect the sore from becoming further irritated.

Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth often go hand in hand with gum problems (especially receding gums). While the underlying causes must often times be addressed by your dentist, there are nonetheless several things you can do to manage the symptoms.

Try a toothpaste specifically formulated for sensitive teeth; whitening and anti-tartar agents can often times be abrasive and hurt your teeth. Some fluoride treatments (prescription and over the counter) can also help tremendously.

Lost Tooth

Believe it or not, losing a tooth does not necessarily mean that it is gone forever. If one falls out, simply soak or rinse it with milk and then put it back in. Bite down one something soft and hold it there. After a while, it may actually reattach and be good as new in just a few weeks! Follow up with your dentist when you get a chance to see how it’s doing.

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