Doctors Warn Patients How To Stay Healthy During Flu Season

The year may be off to an early start, but the influenza season is striking with a flurry, and doctor’s offices are filled up with sick patients. Doctors are sharing their words and advice on how to stay healthy this flu season, and the advice is good if wanting to stay healthy.



Keeping your immune system strong is very important, and by keeping it strong your body can resist the influenza virus and its likely cause to ruin your health for a week or so. By getting a flu shot, drinking plenty of orange juice, and more, you can stay healthy now.

Keep Your Immune System Strong

Doctors are advising clients to definitely do their absolute best to stay healthy and keep their immune systems as strong as they possibly can. Doctors are advising as many of their patients to get the flu shot, and hopefully that will help them resist the flu virus. In addition, doctors are telling patients to get exercise and to eat well. Exercise gets the body stronger and to help fight infections, while drinking plenty of water hydrates the body.

I got my flu shot earlier and am so glad I did. I’ve run into a number of friends and colleagues who have gotten a touch of this latest flu bug, and it’s a nasty bug. I’ve done by best to eat well and excercise, but may do more of it to keep the flu away.

Keeping Germs Away: Yes

The last part of advise from doctors is to protect yourself from germs that other people, whether they are friends, coworkers, or anyone else. By using cleaning products, wipe down towels, and anything else to erase the germs that they have left behind, you can keep yourself very healthy and keep the bugs away. Vitamins are also recommended, but don’t seem to be a huge positive against fighting the flu.

I always carry wipes in my bag, and always wipe stuff clean when I’m in public. You never know who or what the person before you is carrying, and getting a flu bug from someone could be as easy as opening the door and picking up their germs. I will take their words very carefully, as I’m sure others will too.

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