Drink Red Wine Or Take The Red Wine Pill

Moderate consumption of red wine is healthy. Why is it healthy?

a) Because of the alcohol

b) Because of Resveratrol

Yes, Alcohol does have health benefits. Dr. Oz says that even 1 scotch per day is healthy.


Source: http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2227/2247354503_2be030ce2b_o.jpg

Resveratrol, the red wine pill, has many health benefits. Actually it can help you to do many things at once.

It can help you to prevent many diseases, it’s a great anti-oxidant, it will improve your mood, increase your energy and metabolism and best of all increase your lifespan.

All of this sounds incredible, but studies show that Resveratrol is really effective. It is a natural compound that has been found in many plants and foods like chocolate, red wine and cinnamon. Athletes take Resveratrol to run longer distances in a shorter time.

In clinical trials it is being used to treat certain forms of cancer (colon cancer) and other diseases. It may also help to prevent Alzheimer. The french paradox says that the French have a lower rate of heart diseases and Alzheimer than Americans because of their high consumption of red wine.


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