Getting Abs Tips for Men and Women

Nearly everyone wants a ripped six pack, but it seems very few people actually know how to achieve it. This is because for every good bit of information out there, there is also a million pieces of (often supplier driven) misinformation.


Companies pushing green tea supplements have suggested that you can achieve a ripped stomach through their products without the aid of any exercise, and they are only the newest in a long line of such claims.
The truth is, you can only hope to achieve a six pack through proper diet and exercise. Even with this knowledge, many people seem to believe that they can crunch their way to a flat stomach. This is pretty far from the truth.

Abs are primarily made in the kitchen. Chances are more than good that you already have a six pack, as it simply lies invisible under a layer of fat. You can work out your abdominal muscles religiously, but if that layer of fat remains, your six pack may as well not exist.
Yet exercise is not the best or singular route to a flat stomach, unless you are willing to let it literally control your life. If you operate at a caloric surplus, you would have to work out for hours every single day just to see any fat loss.

As such, you will need to cover the difference through your diet.

Getting Abs Tips for Men and Women: Suggestions

The first thing you need to understand is that “abs” isn’t an object, but a lifestyle.
You cannot achieve a flat stomach or six pack abs and then go back to sitting on a couch all day and eating 4,000 calories if you hope to keep them. Every skill and habit you pick up while you are working your way to a six pack you will need to hold on to in order to prevent it from evaporating before your very eyes.

As such, do not take any overly drastic action to achieve your six pack. Essentially, do not achieve your ab goals in a way that is going to be unsustainable later on.

Eliminate all refined sugars from your diet. Cut saturated fats to whatever degree is possible. Drink water instead of soda, and eat whole grains whenever available.

Do not, however, cut your caloric intake by more than 30%. This will cause your metabolism to take a nosedive and essentially make the whole process of dieting pointless.

Exercise three to five times a week. This exercise should be a mix of cardio (at a medium to high intensity) and resistance exercises. Do not, however, only target your abdominal muscles. Build muscle all over you body, as it will cause you to burn more calories later on, thus making it easier to keep the weight off.

Finally, maintain focus. As mentioned earlier, this is a lifestyle. If it wasn’t difficult, everyone would have rock hard abs. To keep them, you will need the discipline to stick with both the exercise plan and the diet that you have created.

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