Go Ahead And Drink Coffee: It Won’t Dehydrate You

Research about coffee and its effects on the human body have been done throughout the years, and have always had mixed results. Research on Friday in a UK science journal finally demystified the dehydrating effects of coffee on the body for many.

The search which was done by UK scientists, took a look at the effects of moderate coffee on the body, and to see how it affected the body. The study took a look at 50 different men, and their drinking of coffee and the amount of water in the body were tracked.

Study Shows Coffee Doesn't Hydrate You After All

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Coffee Doesn’t Dehydrate

As the men in the study were drinking coffee or water for the designated amounts of time, the subjects body mass and total water, blood, and urine were analyzed by scientists. The results of the survey were quite interesting, as the study proved that there was no link between moderate coffee or dehydration were noted.

I drink lots of coffee daily, probably too much. I usually am not dehydrated as a result of this, and never really thought that coffee would do that. It’s kind of been a myth among scientists and the Internet that coffee caused the body to dehydrate, and I guess this finally proves them wrong.

What Coffee Does For You

As an end result to the coffee dehydration study, coffee was actually shown to help contribute to a person’s daily fluid requirement. That daily fluid requirement which includes body water, blood, and urine makes up for the total amount of fluids in ones body. By drinking coffee, you are actually helping your body out in the long run. Not actually dehydrating it and wearing yourself out.

I love these types of studies as they usually show how science proves myths very wrong. I never gave into these types of myths about coffee, and never found myself dehydrated, but I guess some might. The PLOS ONE online study publication is an interesting read, and while it was only done on 50 men, it still shows that coffee is pretty safe on the body while done in moderation. I think that I will still drink lots of coffee, and hopefully won’t drop out on the ground dehydrated due to it.

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