Health Tips How to Get a Flat Stomach

Here are various health tips how to get a really flat stomach.




Everyone dreams of it, and billions of dollars are made selling it every year. The flat stomach has become the ultimate symbol of both good health and sex appeal. Many individuals, however, take a very narrow approach when attempting to attain it.

Some go exclusively with the route of proper diet and nutrition, while others ignore diet completely and try to crunch their way to a six pack. Unfortunately, it is very rare for such a single-focus approach to succeed. The easiest way to a flat stomach is not just by balancing proper diet with vigorous exercise, but by doing it in an intelligent and calculated manner.

Most Importantly: Strict Diet

There is no way to target fat loss in a specific spot; sadly, fat loss must occur uniformly throughout the body. As such, you must eat a diet that is targeted at universal fat loss. Avoid saturated fats, simple carbohydrates, and foods that are high in calories.

Eat high amounts of protein and ensure that you receive your daily recommended dose of vitamins and minerals. Shun trans-fats altogether, and lower your sodium intake as high amounts will make you retain water (something you want to avoid, considering a negligible layer can be the difference between a beer belly and a six pack).

The popular saying that “abs are made in the kitchen” is indeed quite true. You can have the most dense and defined six pack in the world, but if it is covered by even a thin layer of fat, it may as well not exist aesthetically. For a flat stomach, you need only get to about under 15% body fat. For a defined and visible six pack, this number can be as low as 5%.


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Ultimately, for defined abdominal muscles, you will need to perform abdominal resistance exercises. Crunches and pull ups are the most popular of such exercises, but there are actually various groups of abdominal muscles that must be targeted independently.

Your lower abs can be toned with leg lifts. Your obliques can be targeted with rotating exercises such as lateral crunches. Your rectus abdominus, which is the most superficial muscle in the group (and most responsible for the six pack look), must be addressed independently.

Perhaps you are less concerned with a six pack than you are with just a flat stomach. In this case, your main target should be the transverse abdominus. This muscle is actually responsible for reigning in your gut, and strengthening it can have drastic effects on how your abdomen looks and functions.

One of the most efficient of such exercises is to get in the pushup position, but have your forearms on the ground vertically instead. Hold your gut in and tense it for thirty seconds, or as long as you can, and let go. Repeat.

The flat stomach or the chiseled six pack is a fantastic goal, but it is hardly attainable if it is not pursued correctly. If you have a balanced diet and you exercise, you will soon find yourself seeing results that would never be possible if you only attempted the quest through one means alone.

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