Help for Dry, Damaged Hair

If your hair is increasingly dry, coarse and brittle and you’ve seen your share of split ends, there is hope for your hair. Surprisingly enough, it won’t take an expensive trip to the hair salon to fix your problem. You likely already have all the ingredients you need at home.



These simple remedies do not take the place of a licensed hair professional’s advice. Nevertheless, they are harmless but helpful to your hair and can tide you over until you’re able to make it to your cosmetologist for professional treatments.

Simple Kitchen Cures

Oil Treatment for Dry Hair – Brittle, dry hair often has split ends and is prone to static electricity. What it’s likely missing is a generous dose of moisture via oil treatments. However, there’s no need for some pricey store-bought hot oil treatment. You can make your own moisturizing mix using foods you probably already have in your kitchen right now. This technique will restore your hair to a glorious luster and softness that you won’t be able to keep your hands out of.

Mix together an egg yolk and a generous supply of vitamin E oil until you have a well-blended, creamy concoction. Then thoroughly work the mixture into your hair and scalp until it is saturated. Wrap your hair in plastic wrap nice and tight and let this set for two hours, before shampooing it all out.

Oil Treatment for Coarse Hair – Coarse hair needs a little love from your kitchen as well. Coarse hair is also dry and frizzed, so again moisture is the obvious answer. This time you will need butter and olive oil. The first step is to melt 1-2 sticks of butter in a pot on low heat and add olive oil (twice the amount of butter) to the mix. Make sure your mixture doesn’t get too hot. Once they are thoroughly blended, apply the mixture to your hair and once again cover your hair with plastic wrap. Leave it in for one hour before shampooing it all out.

Split Ends Meet Their Match – Did you know that saturating your hair in spearmint tea significantly improves split ends? Split ends are usually the result of overheating the hair, whether by repeated blow drying, flat ironing, straightening or damage from the sun.

Ironically, hot tea poured onto the hair can help seal those split ends. Here’s what you need to do: 1) Shampoo your hair as you normally would while tea is steeping. 2) Make spearmint tea by placing spearmint leaves into a pot of boiling water and allow it to steep for about 30 minutes. 3) Strain tea off the leaves and let the tea cool. 4) Now, pour the tea through your hair, saturating it through and through the best you can. 5) Do not rinse the tea out. Let the spearmint do its work, while leaving your hair smelling fresh and clean.

Aside from these home remedies, your diet is likely lacking in vitamins A through E, especially vitamin E. You also need to drink more water and eat more fish (and other lean meats), greens, nuts and whole grain.

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