High Blood Pressure More Dangerous For Women Then Men Study Finds

High blood pressure is something that has been discussed over the years, and is a common cause of hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Research released on Friday points to high blood pressure in women being more of a concern than to men, which should concern women.

In the study, women and men were the subjects and their eating habits, lifestyles, and their bodies were under evaluation. But, the study as released in the journal Therapeutic Advances In Cardiovascular Disease, points to women being more under worries than men.

High Blood Pressure Found More Dangerous In Women Then Men

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Why Women In Danger?

The study, which took a look at 100 different subjects, men and women, were of those who had untreated high blood pressure. These 100 different people were at least 53 years old, and tests were done to test their blood vessels and how their were involved with high blood pressure in the body.

The results showed that women have a 30 to 40 percent more risk of vascular disease then men, and there were physiologic differences in the bodies of women and men in the study. Between hormones that regular blood pressure and other factors, women are more of a focus for those who can suffer from high blood pressure.

Advanced Female Treatment Needed?

What this study shows is that possible women might need to have a tailored special approach to high blood pressure. Since hormones are involved in the body, the female body is a complex body, and normal male treatments of high blood pressure won’t work on them in the same manner. These female mechanisms treat the body in certain ways that the male body doesn’t and can help women with high blood pressure.

Since the study took a look at those women who were over 53, generally speaking menopause has already set in, and the hormones in the female body are at various levels. Doctors who know female hormone levels and medication levels can give their female patients treatment that can be tailored to their levels, and thus be treated better for high blood pressure. This is the first study that takes a look at genders and high blood pressure, and is a very important first step in the breakdown of high blood pressure in the body.

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