How Much Sleep Do I need?

How Much Sleep Does the Average Person Need? In this article we find out how much sleep we need and what side effects lack of sleep can have.




Many studies have shown that the average adult needs approximately seven and half hours of sleep every night. However, this number is not quiet universal. Certain individuals can require as much as eleven hours of sleep per night. Individually, age also effects the amount of sleep you need.

It is known that infants can sleep up to fourteen hours a day. However, the elderly only tend to need six hours of sleep nightly. A family doctor can offer you sleep advice based upon your personal situation.

Lack of Sleep: The Side Effects

Have you ever stayed up way too late studying for that exam? Well, you probably remember how you felt the following day. There are many side effects caused by lack of sleep. Some people suffer from sleepiness throughout the day, or decreased productivity because of fatigue.

If you do not receive enough rest, then you will not be able to repair your body from the previous day. Most people will also show signs increased irritability and aggression. This can all lead to excess stress on the mind and body. However, there are many professionals you can contact for sleep advice.

Where can I go for help?

If you suffer from the side effects listed above, there is no need to panic. There are many neurologists who conduct major research in this field. Psychiatrists and psychologists have a great understanding of the human mind and can provide you with sound sleep advice.

You can also visit sleep labs and have sleep study conducted. The results can then be shared with your family doctor. With all of that information gathered, you should have no problems getting great sleep advice from your family practitioner.

Sleep: The Natural Way

If you feel your sleep issues do not call for such drastic measures, there are many other alternatives. Exercise regiments have proven to be very effective in combating lack of sleep. People who exercise tend to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Another piece of sleep advice involves removing distractions from your bedroom.

It is much easier to fall asleep without a television or radio blaring. You can also avoid food or drinks two hours prior to going to bed. This allows your body to fully relax without the process of digestion. Herbalists and nutritionists can also recommend some other bits of sleep advice. Do not hesitate to contact either professional concerning your individual sleeping needs.

Sleep Right Melatonin Supports Healthy Sleep

Melatonin is chemical that the body naturally produces. It helps the body relax and increases drowsiness. Sleep Right, developed by Life Mart Laboratories, has produced a melatonin supplement. It is non habit forming, and an all-natural sleep aid.

It simply helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. If you suffer from sleeping problems, then I implore you consider this sleep advice. Lack of sleep is a serious problem, and its effects can be felt not only at work, but in the household as well. Speak to a professional and find a healthy way to regain those restful nights.

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