How to Put on Muscle Fast: Metabolism, Gym, Food

For every individual who dreams about losing a dozen pounds of fat, there is often another one that simply wishes to gain the same amount of muscle. This of course is no coincidence. The ideal physical image is not one of an emaciated human with their ribs jutting out but rather of a perfectly toned and lean specimen that appears healthy.


Yet gaining muscle is no simpler than burning fat; both require a specific diet and vigorous exercise. The approaches are tweaked slightly, and while both can theoretically be accomplished at once, you will see the best results when you focus solely on one. Discussed below are the best ways to pack on muscle quickly and efficiently for both men and women.

How to Put on Muscle Fast: Diet

To put on muscle, you will need to eat at a caloric surplus. As long as this surplus is the right amount, you will put on very little to no fat in the process (only lean muscle tissue). The first thing you need to do is determine how many calories you burn a day, i.e. how much you can eat without putting on weight.

Add approximately five to six hundred calories to this, and you will have your target. These calories, however, cannot be anything. You need to be eating plenty of quality protein to put on muscle, and this includes approximately a gram per pound of body weight.

Protein powders and shakes are an excellent way of accomplishing this, but so are conventional protein sources such as meat, eggs, and dairy. Avoid saturated fats and empty calories, or you will risk putting fat on in the process. Eat about six small meals a day rather than three large ones so your body has a constant source of fuel.

Time your meals so that you are eating as soon as you wake up and no more than half an hour after you are done exercising. This will ensure that protein is delivered to your muscles when they most need it (right after you finish working out).

How to Put on Muscle Fast: Exercise

The best diet in the world will not help you put on muscle unless you exercise too. To put on muscle fast, you should be looking at compound exercises that work various parts of the body at once.

This is because the body has its own natural limitations to how much muscle it can build in a given period of time, and this limit is even more pronounced in specific isolated muscles. If you target many muscle groups at once, you will see significant gains overall.

Examples of good compound exercises are pushups and pull-ups. Both target at least four muscle groups at once, and they will tire you out after just a few sets.

You can only exercise for so long, and focusing on biceps or triceps alone will not produce the same gains as performing pull ups. Of course, if you do want to specifically target an area, you can always incorporate isolation exercises into your regimen. The choice is ultimately up to you and largely depends on what you are capable of doing.

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