How to Stay Properly Hydrated

Believe it or not, many Americans are chronically dehydrated. Naturally, this comes as a tremendous surprise because the United States is hardly a third world country, nor is it located in sub-Saharan Africa. These people are not dehydrated because they lack access to proper drinking water, but rather because they drink coffee and soda rather than good, reliable H20.




Being dehydrated has drastic effects on your biology, and you may not even be aware that you are not getting enough water. If you are not properly hydrated, your body will simply operate at a lower level of efficiency.

You’ll dispose of waste slower (including the process of losing weight), feel sluggish, and possibly undergo psychological changes. Luckily, staying hydrated is relatively easy once you understand the problem. You can even eat your way to hydration. Discussed below are the best ways to ensure that your body gets enough water on a daily basis.

Drink Water

This one is obvious, but it may simply not apply to everyone. Some people are literally addicted to soda or coffee and cannot drink water on a daily basis. They complain that water is too bland or even tastes strange to them (which is impossible mind you; water has no taste to humans). As such, if you refuse to drink water actively, you should at least take a few sips from a water fountain every time you walk by. It will pay you back in spades.

Eat your Water

Humans actually get about 20% of their hydration through food. If you eat the right foods, however, that amount can increase drastically. Watermelons, for example, are approximately 93% water. Cucumbers and Iceberg Lettuce are about 96% water (the highest of any food). Raw Zucchini is about 95%, however most people eat the cooked version that has lost most of its water content. The same is true with Radishes.

The best way to get hydrated through your food is by eating salads, which generally contain a combination of the ingredients listed above, as well as seasonal items that are high in water content such as tomatoes and various peppers.

Replace your Coffee with Tea

Most people wake up at least slightly dehydrated. As such, what you drink in the morning is very important for how you will start your day. Yet unfortunately, millions of Americans begin the most important meal of the day with Coffee, which can actually dehydrate you in the long run. If you absolutely require a morning boost, replace your coffee with tea. You will still get a caffeinated kick, but you’ll also be hydrating yourself in the process.

This can also be applied to soda and other beverages. Chances are, regardless of what you’re drinking, there is an alternative that is not primarily composed of carbonated chemicals. If the first or second ingredient on the label isn’t “water”, you simply are not doing enough to hydrate yourself.

Try drinking nothing but water for a week and see how you feel. More likely than not, you’ll notice a startling difference.

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